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Frequently asked questions about coating with iglidur®

How does polymer coating with iglidur work?

iglidur® coating is a tribologically optimised polymer in powder form, which can be applied to metallic surfaces by powder coating. Like all iglidur® materials, iglidur® coating powders are tribologically optimised and thus offer excellent friction and wear values. This allows you to protect even heavily used surfaces from wear and tear - without using any additional components.

What do polymer coatings consist of?

Our iglidur coating materials consist of base polymers, fibres, fillers and solid lubricants. The composition of these components is individual with each of the coating materials, so they can be optimised for their specific application area.   

How do the various iglidur® coating materials differ?

The various iglidur® coatings have been optimised for the most diverse applications. They differ mainly in their temperature resistance, their sliding or wear properties and their colour. The exact material data can be found in our material data sheets.  
We subject our iglidur® plain bearing and coating materials to more than 10,000 different application-oriented tests annually to analyse the wear behaviour in the most diverse application scenarios. This enables us to select the optimum and most cost-effective material for your application and to provide you with the comprehensive assistance necessary for your project.

Is there a minimum quantity, if I ask igus to carry out the coating?

There is no minimum order quantity if igus coats your component for you. This means that coating can be ordered from a single component.   

Can I carry out the coating myself with iglidur materials?

Yes, you can also coat your components yourself with our iglidur materials. In our online shop you can find different coating materials, which are available in the pack sizes 1kg, 2kg and 10kg. You are welcome to contact our experts if you have questions regarding the choice of material or coating.

How large must parts be for coating with iglidur?

Our overhead conveyors allow component sizes up to 3 x 1 x 1 metre. Small components are coated in accordingly efficient small systems. We will be happy to assist you and offer you the most cost-effective machining method. 

Can partial surfaces of components also be coated?

Yes, we will carefully mask off the areas that need not be coated according to your specifications. For larger quantities, we manufacture appropriate devices that reduce process costs to a minimum.  

What layer thicknesses and tolerances do we achieve with iglidur coating?

The iglidur® coating sliding layer can be applied with a thickness of approx. 60-120 µm. Different coating thicknesses may also be possible depending on the material and surface quality of the parts to be coated.  

Can I subsequently process iglidur coating surfaces?

Subsequent processing of the coating is basically possible. 

What should the pretreatment of the surface for iglidur coating look like?

The surface should be cleaned and kept free of dust, dirt or liquids. We will gladly carry out the necessary processing steps for you.  

What does 'cross cut' mean in the iglidur® coating data sheets?

The so-called 'cross cut' according to DIN EN ISO 2409 shall enable an estimation of the adhesive strength (adhesion) of coatings (for example a painted surface). The test method is thereby not used to measure the adhesive strength. For this purpose, the trigger test according to DIN EN ISO 4624 shall be applied.

The rating is based on indicators from 0 to 5, with 0 representing the best rating "very good". All iglidur coating materials (IC01, IC03, IC06) fulfil the criterion 0. 

Are there FDA-compliant iglidur coating materials?

iglidur IC-05 material complies with the food-specific regulations of the FDA and of EU10/2011 and can therefore be used, e.g. in the food industry, in beverage filling and the packaging industry.   

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