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igus® Ltd.

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Custom solutions for energy supply systems

Tech up, Cost down: we take the difficulty out of even the most complex energy supply systems.

Whether it be a conversion or new installation – custom solutions do not need to be expensive. With more than 20 years of experience in project work and more than 1,000 projects each year, we have a trusted system that makes it very easy for us to design, build, install & test custom solutions. Our focus is to always avoid over-engineering; we believe that the simplest solution is the best solution. We consistently deliver high quality solutions for a fair price.

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igus® project engineering – from the first sketch to installation and on-site commissioning

Conversion project or new development – we provide you with full support

Whether you are working with an initial design or modernising an existing system, igus® specialists are here to help. Our goal: Tech up, Cost down. It's our job. The concept design is free.

On-site measuring

Project planning and quotation phase

If you like our design concept, we will work out the finer details with you. We will discuss all necessary steps to realise our solution and, on this basis, quote you a fixed price. ​

Engineering offer phase

Project phase

Our project team prepares detailed drawings and system documentation. Once approved, work begins in our 32,000m² production facility. The system will be assembled based on the project specifics, with all components ready to connect, including a full documentation pack.

Engineering project phase

Delivery and assembly

Following delivery of your pre-assembled energy supply system, you can now install it – with the assistance of an igus® supervisor, if you wish. Or our igus installation team can take over the full installation and commissioning. ​More about our after-sales services here.

Engineering assembly


Alternative energy supply systems from igus®

e-chain vs. festooning

Energy chains systems in place of festoons

Protect cables and energy chains from wind and temperature extremes, guiding them safely and improving reliability.

e-chain vs. busbar system

Energy chain systems in place of busbar systems

Reliable data, energy, fluid, and air guidance in one energy chain system. For narrow compact spaces and high speeds.

e-chain vs. motor cable drum

Energy chain systems in place of cable reels

Long travels (up to 1,200 metres) with no slip ring. Guide all media safely and compactly in one system.

An overview of our project history

From a driving simulator in 1992 to a record energy chain travel in a Czech lignite power plant in 2007 to high-speed RBR in a multi-spindle lathe in 2020:

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Further information about igus® projects for energy supply systems

Our customers' projects

Our e-chains® have been used successfully for many years in steel mills, sewage plants, port cranes, material handling, nuclear and many other industries.

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Standard modules from stock

For linear travels and rotary or vertical movement, we offer several standardised modules that we can quickly adapt to your application.

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Service and guarantee

We will assist you from the initial design and configuration to delivery and installation to on-site maintenance of the energy supply system - guaranteed.

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Why igus® energy chains?

Increase cable and hose service life and reduce downtime. There are many reasons why the energy chain is the right application for your cable guidance system.

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