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Vertically suspended / "zig-zag" solutions

The modular design of igus® e-chains® facilitates this space-saving and unconventional solution. For modern platform technology, such as performance stages, a variety of conduits which adjust the stage height must be accommodated. Lack of space almost invariably presents particular difficulties. The photo below shows an e-chain® in a "Zig-Zag" configuration. The unextended e-chain® is stored in a "basket" underneath the stage. If the stage is raised, the e-chain® unfolds, generating little to no noise. This construction is possible with Systems E4/4, E4/0 e- chains® as well as many other types. Please consult igus® for these kinds of applications.

igus® "Zig-Zag" space-saving solution Stroke heights of over 20 m are possible
"Zig-Zag" applications on an indoor crane also for high speeds
"Zig-Zag" solution with E4/4 e-chains® and project-related set-down basket
"Zig-Zag" applications are also functionally reliable and space-saving in lifting platforms
Dismantling tool - E4/0 e-chains® and flexible CF9 chainflex® cables in use
Gangway - height adjustable with igus® "zig-zag" solution
Lifting platforms - space-saving "zig-zag" solutions permanently ensure the power supply

Preferred Series for "Zig-Zag" design:


Guide media, energy and data upward in a modular, low noise and space-saving fashion

The liftband can be used to implement high vertical applications that have large amounts of space in the horizontal direction, but only permit limited system height.

Very high travels are possible

Low abrasion, almost no friction of the chain links with each other

Little limitation of cable bending radii

Silent operation, compact

Cables are simply pressed in place