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iglidur AC500 plain bearings

Suitable for high temperatures

iglidur AC500 plain bearings for the food industry

iglidur AC500 is a further development of the A500 material, which is detectable and has an optimised service life. Plain bearings made of AC500 have been certified for use in direct contact with food. They exhibit an exceptionally good chemical resistance and are suitable for heavy-duty use in machinery for the food industry. The use of cleaning agents where AC500 plain bearings are in use is therefore not a problem.

Tech up

Tech up

  • Wear-resistant material for the food area
  • Suitable for high operating temperatures
  • FDA and EU10/2011 compliant
  • Visually detectable

Cost down

Cost down

  • Maintenance-free properties reduce costs for lubrication and maintenance
  • iglidur AC500 achieves better wear results than iglidur A500 in many applications
  • More cost-effective than comparable solutions made of stainless steel



In the test, the wear of iglidur A500 and iglidur AC500 was investigated in a rotation test, p= 1MPa, v= 0.3m/s.
Wear test with 304 SS shaft

  • iglidur A500: 0.49μm/km
  • iglidur AC500: 0.19μm/km
Wear test with high grade steel shaft
  • iglidur A500: 0.54μm/km
  • iglidur AC500: 0.16μm/km



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Bottling machine with wear-resistant plain bearings made of iglidur material

Continuous operating load and problem-free cleaning

We have developed iglidur AC500 for this purpose​

AC500 was developed for the food and beverage industry. It can be exposed to high temperatures and is also extremely resistant to chemicals. Disinfection and sterilisation of a machine is therefore not a problem for the AC500 plain bearings. At the same time, the plain bearings offer the very best performance with a low coefficient of friction and wear. Its blue colour also makes the material easily detectable in use. AC500 plain bearings are ideal, e.g. for use in bottling plants.

Our expert will explain the advantages of iglidur AC500 plain bearings

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iglidur plain bearings under scrutiny

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