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drylin® ZLW - Toothed belt axis - Mounting

The DryLin® linear axis ZLW can be fastened in different ways (clamping elements and slot nuts included in delivery):

The installation position of the axis is optional. Overhead installation is the best option against dirt accumulation.

1. Clamping elements

Clamping elements offer an easy fastening potential of the axis, among other things, on aluminum profiles, order number 75.40.

2. Slot nuts

Slot nuts enable the installation in 3 sides (1040: left, right, below) or 2 sides (0630: left, right) as well as the affixing of sensors and proximity switches for the positioning.

3. Screw connection

Frontal screw connection: Threaded holes for individually insertable screws are located at the extreme shaft end supports.

Included in delivery


Included in delivery


Screws: 4 x M6/M4

Directions for installation:

The mechanical extreme position should not be used as mechanical stop under any circumstances. A minimum spacing that is equal to a rotation of the drive shaft should be provided on both sides. The safety distance provided at both sides of the carriage can be reduced provided that it is ensured that the housings of the drive and deflection units do not collide with the mechanical parts.
The igus® staff would be glad to provide you with more information on the fastening and connecting of the toothed belt axis: Tel. 0 22 03/9649-0

Motor flange

The motor flange can be fastened on the extreme shaft end support with four screws. Different types of motor flanges are available.


The drylin® ZLW toothed belt axis is also available with hand wheel on request.

drylin® zlw  
Part No. for linear units Motor type Material
 MF-0630-NEMA17-S ZLW-0630 NEMA17 Aluminium, clear anodised 111.00 USD 
 MF-1040-NEMA17-S ZLW-1040 NEMA17 Aluminium, clear anodised 111.00 USD 
 MF-2260-NEMA23-S ZLW-1040 NEMA23/23XL Aluminium, clear anodised Upon request 
 MF-1660-NEMA34-S ZLW-1660 NEMA34 Aluminium, black anodised 183.99 USD 
 MF-0630-DC0310 - - - Upon request 
 MF-1040-DC0310 - - - 81.43 USD 
 MF-1040-DC0350 - - - 81.43 USD 
 MF-2040-DC0260 - - - 78.39 USD 
 MF-3648-DC0350 - - - 90.46 USD 
 MF-3648-DC0350-L - - - Upon request 
 MF-1123-NEMA17 SAW-0630 NEMA17 Plastic, black 111.00 USD 
 MF-2040-NEMA23-S - - - 115.59 USD 
 MF-3648-NEMA23 - - - 90.46 USD 
 MF-3648-NEMA34 - - - 82.74 USD 
 MF-3648-NEMA34-XL - - - 167.00 USD 
 MF-1123-DC0310 - - - 50.30 USD 
 MF-2040-DC0310 - - - 115.59 USD 
 MF-2040-DC0350 - - - 78.39 USD 
 MF-2040-NEMA17 - - - 98.84 USD 
 MF-1040-NEMA34-L ZLW-1040 NEMA34 Aluminium, clear anodised 128.52 USD 
 MF-0630-NEMA23-S ZLW-0630 NEMA23/23XL Aluminium, clear anodised 108.99 USD 
 MF-1040-NEMA23-S ZLW-1040 NEMA23/23XL Aluminium, clear anodised 138.16 USD 
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Mounting bracket for drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes

New mounting brackets are available for fastening drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes made of aluminium construction profiles.

Mounting bracket for drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes