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xiros® ball transfer units

Move heavy and sensitive loads easily: whether in conveyor technology, the food and glass industry or even in the sports sector. The transport of sensitive or heavy goods can be achieved with ball transfer units without great effort. Loads with a capacity of up to 1,470N can be carried without any problems, so that even heavy goods can be moved in almost all directions. The conveyor ball inside the housing is mounted with many small balls in order to ensure perfect running values. From pure plastic solutions to ball transfer units with a conveyor ball made of stainless steel: optimise work processes with our lubrication-free and low-maintenance ball transfer units for a wide range of applications.
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xiros® ball transfer unit options

Ball transfer units for maximum smooth running

Ball transfer units made of plastic with extremely smooth running
  • Ball Ø: 5, 8, 12, 15, 22mm
  • All-rounder for sensitive goods
  • Housing material: xirodur B180
  • Ball material: POM + POM (in the housing)
  • Available in UK stock
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Ball transfer units for higher loads up to 1,000N

xiros® ball transfer units for higher loads
  • Ball Ø: 5, 15, 22, 30mm
  • Suitable for overhead installation and lateral guidance
  • Housing material: xirodur B180
  • Ball material: POM + stainless steel (in housing)
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Ball transfer units: smooth with heavy loads

xiros® ball transfer units for higher loads
  • Ball Ø: 15, 22mm
  • Up to 45% lower rolling friction than BB-515B/522B-B180-POM
  • Housing material: xirodur B180
  • Ball material: POM + stainless steel (in housing)
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Ball transfer units for higher loads up to 500N

Ball transfer units with stainless steel balls for higher loads
  • Ball Ø: 15, 22mm
  • Suitable for overhead installation
  • Housing material: xirodur B180
  • Ball material: stainless steel + stainless steel (in housing)
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Sliding ball transfer units for high impact loads

Sliding ball transfer unit made of plastic
  • Ball Ø: 15, 22mm
  • High load capacity with low friction
  • Housing material: iglidur J3B
  • Ball material: Stainless steel
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Electrostatically dissipative ball transfer unit

Electrostatically dissipative ball transfer unit
  • Ball Ø: 15mm
  • Ideal for semiconductors and electronic components
  • Housing material: xirodur F182
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All other types

Other ball transfer unit types and accessories
  • Plastic self-aligning ball transfer units in installation sizes 515 and 522
  • Accessories for ball transfer units (clamping rings)
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What are the advantages of ball transfer units?

Transport heavy loads from A to B Roller ball tables make this possible; whether conveyed goods in the form of food, airport goods or glass. Ball transfer units in the conveyor tables make it easy to roll sensitive goods in various directions.

Compared to metallic solutions with solid steel housings or aluminium versions with steel balls, ball transfer units from igus are 100% lubrication-free. In addition, the plastic ball transfer units can be used in any installation position, both horizontally, vertically and overhead. Thanks to its technical properties, the xirodur material used is particularly abrasion-resistant, durable and electrically insulating.
In the case of a magnetic environment of an application, customers can assemble the ball transfer units in such a way that glass balls inside the housing provide a completely metal-free solution. Move sharp-edged heavy loads and sensitive goods on roller conveyors or ball tables: xiros ball transfer units are ideal for the safe transport of loads.

How are the ball transfer units constructed?

xiros® ball transfer units have a housing made of high-performance plastics with an embedded ball socket. This pan serves as a running surface for the support balls. If the load ball rotates, the support balls roll on the ball socket. Depending on the application, various materials are available for the running ball and the support balls. The situation is completely different with the sliding ball transfer unit. The support balls previously used in our ball transfer units are replaced by a sliding insert made of the in-house iglidur® J3B. The stainless steel load ball therefore no longer runs on the support balls as in previous versions, but on the particularly wear-resistant sliding insert.
Plastic ball transfer unit
POM running ball and support balls
Ball transfer unit made of plastic with stainless steel support balls
POM running ball, stainless steel support balls
Sliding ball transfer unit made of plastic
Running ball made of stainless steel, sliding insert made of iglidur J3B


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