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igus® Ltd.

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Cooperation with the vocational college in Bergisch Gladbach

Apprentice carpenters use igus® products in journeyman pieces

"It is not very obvious that the lubrication- and maintenance-free igus® products find a wide range of applications even in furniture," Manuela Abbing, a subject teacher for wood and CAD at the Bergisch Gladbach vocational college. Having recently become aware of the igus® products, she wanted to know more about it and try out their applications.
An appointment was soon made with a sales representative from igus®. This gave the apprentice carpenters of the year 2011 the opportunity of learning first hand more about the use of plastic solutions in furniture.

TV highboard open
Movable rack modules open

Though they were initially very skeptical about what plastics had to do with their craft, they quickly developed a keen interest, especially on the lubrication- and maintenance-free linear guides. Subsequently, the class received samples to test them in practical use and to see for themselves the benefits of plastic liners in the linear guides themselves. "Two of our students wanted to install the samples immediately in their journeyman pieces," says teacher Roger Pfandhofer.
In addition, the presentation aroused such a lasting interest in the participants that they visited the igus® factory together with their teachers.
After a long and intensive period of work, the journeyman pieces were presented during the regional certificate awards ceremony of the carpenters' guild from 15 to 20/07/11.

The visitors at the exhibition admired the innovative journeyman pieces and were also very impressed by the use of the igus® rail solution. "Many of us knew igus® until now only as a manufacturer of energy chains. The use of lubricant-free and compact linear guide systems opens interesting possibilities for applications in portable and movable furniture, especially when durable and compact solutions are required," says one of the journeymen.
For igus® itself, the furniture industry is not new territory, plastic bearings or linear guides are increasingly being used in furniture or industrial design. Here igus® products score points with freedom from lubrication, low weight, durability and materials for a variety of conditions.

TV highboard closed
Movable rack modules open
Movable rack modules open