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Individual customer catalogs


With your own do-it-yourself customer catalog, every customer can compile his/her own selection of relevant items directly from the igus® product portfolio. Thus an individual parts overview can be displayed in the myigus space immediately after log-in.

Just create a new customer catalog in the "myigus" space.

Use the "myCatalog" icon to transfer the selected item to your personal customer catalog.

Simply add items to the customer catalog from your order history.

In this way you can gradually create your product overview and the option to quickly place orders.

We'd be happy to continue to support you in creating this comprehensive customer catalog for you.

Customer-specific depiction of products in the online catalog

igus® customers now have the option of creating online catalogs according to their own needs from over 80,000 products in the igus® product range. Once the customer has been set up in the system by igus®, any number of employees from a company can request access. This is managed by the "myigus" customer system already in place.

Reduce process costs:

Standardising components

"Standard parts catalog" online

Quickly find "approved" parts

Bundling purchased parts

reduces number of different parts

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