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igus® Ltd.

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Online service

YouTube channel

plastics for longer life® TV

For years, igus® has been using the potentials of YouTube for sharing with customers and employees. In the igus® YouTube channel you will find plenty of videos with product demonstrations, user reports, assembly instructions and interviews. We have also put together playlists with video collections for various topics, e.g. customer references for different product ranges, application examples and do-it-yourself guides for the igus® camera slider, international igus® advertising videos and lots more.
Visit our YouTube channel and preferably subscribe straight away. We look forward to welcoming you!

QuickCAD offline version

Complete 3D CAD offers are now available for download as offline version

QuickCAD is now also available as offline version for all situations with limited Internet access.

Generation of 3D CAD models in 32 file formats

Click2CAD CAD direct insertion driver for fast data transfer to different CAD systems (e.g. AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, CATIA ...)

Quick and easy creation of 2D derivatives

Integrated 2D and 3D CAD viewer

Generation of 3D PDF datasheets

2D and 3D CAD files can be integrated into PDF files

Available in 16 languages

Runs without installation

igus® search box

Install igus® search box for Internet Explorer (from version 7)

If you are using Internet Explorer to visit our websites, simply click here to install the igus® search box in your browser.
You will then be able to use the igus® browser search box to search the entire igus® website for search terms or part numbers.
The search function is supported by the following browsers:

Internet Explorer (version 7 or later)

QuickCAD 3.0

New 3D CAD system, faster & easier, with many new features

Improved operator guidance

New: Generation of 3D PDF datasheets

New: "Click2CAD" CAD direct insertion driver enables faster acquisition of the CAD models including transfer of parts list attributes

New: Now with online 2D viewer

Simplified function for creating 2D views

Faster creation of 2D derivatives

Improved CAD output formats, new CAD core

Fast download of 3D CAD data without registration

Available in 16 languages

Improved: Homepage search function

With the newly enhanced search function, keywords, product names, part numbers or part number components can be searched across the entire site. The results page lists the found entries according to part number hits, product pages, general pages or downloads.

Faster display of search results

Display of quick links to CAD, catalogs, PDF files, service life prediction, etc., directly under the search results

The search function is available on every page of the igus® website

Simple handling: Enter term + click Enter key or the magnifying glass icon or "Search"

Display of search results sorted by part numbers, product pages, general pages or downloads

Search for application examples

Are you looking for practically tested application examples in a certain industry?
Using the search for application examples, you can browse through already implemented customer applications and filter them according to your specifications.