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Producer Responsibility

Products reach the end of their life for a number of reasons, including market demands, technology innovation, internal or external changes, or simply because they stop delivering their optimal performance over time. igus® products, whilst especially developed for low friction, low wear, long service life, and increased performance also reach the end of their life-cycle.

Our packaging is fit for purpose, protecting the products from damage and ensuring the product is delivered safely and in good condition to our customers. We consider the function of every type of packaging used to ensure no unnecessary elements of packaging are used.

igus® uses mostly cardboard boxes, grip seal polyethylene bags & stretch wrap, wooden and plastic pallets, wooden cable drums, and cardboard tubes which are all commonly recyclable. Please check with your local authorities for information on where you can recycle each material. We do have some non-recyclable products, although we try to keep these to a minimum. Non-recyclable items of packaging include polystyrene discs, polythene/paper tape and postal bags, and foam packing.

Environmental circle of life

So, we encourage our customers to consider the environment before disposing of any packaging, particularly non-recyclable packaging. Whenever possible, please reuse our cardboard boxes and plastic grip seal bags, as well as our cardboard tubes, pallets and cable drums. Also, we often offer lower prices for bulk purchases, which reduces the amount of packaging used, to allow the customers who regularly use our products to choose a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly option. This may help you maintain your packaging levels low, reduce your shipments/deliveries, and help you save money.

Most of igus® plastic parts are commonly recyclable although if you have any specific queries regarding the end-of-life of our products, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you all information required and advise you on how to recycle or dispose of your igus® product.