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Adapter kits for servo motors

With drylin® E adapter kits, users can put their drylin® linear axis into operation with the preferred motors easily and quickly. The new adapter kits offer the comfort of manufacturer-specific motor connections and can be directly configured and delivered with the linear axis as well as being individually available for adding later. The adapter kits contain the motor flange, the coupling and the assembly screws.

Adapter kits suitable for the following manufacturers are available from stock: Allen Bradley, B&R, Beckhoff, Lenze, Mitsubishi, Omron, Schneider Electric, Bosch-Rexroth, SEW, Siemens
Typical application areas:Pick & Place, packaging machines, inspection systems

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Adapter kit

Adapter kits sorted according to igus® lead screw module:

igus® lead screw module Motor / gearbox manufacturers Motor / gearbox Type Adapter kit
SAW-0630 B&R 8LVA13 Servo motors AK-1001  AK-1001
SAW-0630-Z B&R 8LVA13 Servo motors AK-1000  AK-1000
SAW-1040-Z Beckhoff AM812x Servo motors AK-1002  AK-1002
SAW-1660-Z Siemens 1FK7034 Servo motors AK-1003  AK-1003
SHT-12 Mitsubishi HG-KR43 Servo motors AK-1004  AK-1004
SHT-12 Panasonic MSME021xxxxx Servo motors AK-1005  AK-1005
SHT-12-Z Mitsubishi HG-KR43 Servo motors AK-1006  AK-1006
SHT-12-Z Siemens 1FK7022-5AK71-1LG0 Servo motors AK-1007  AK-1007
SHT-BB-30 Beckhoff AM813x Servo motors AK-1008  AK-1008
SLW-10120 Schneider Electric BCH040 Servo motors AK-1009  AK-1009
SLW-2080 Lenze SDSGAxx056-xx AC motor AK-1010  AK-1010
SLW-2080 Siemens 1FK7022 Servo motors AK-1011  AK-1011
SLW-BB-1040-Z Control techniques Unimotor HD 055 Servo motors AK-1012  AK-1012
SLW-BB-1040-Z Siemens 1FL602 Servo motors AK-1013  AK-1013
SLW-BB-1080-Z B&R 8LVA22. Servo motors AK-1014  AK-1014
SLW-BB-1080-Z Siemens 1FL602 Servo motors AK-1015  AK-1015
SLW-BB-1660-Z B&R 8LVA13 Servo motors AK-1016  AK-1016
ZLW-0630-B B&R 8LVA13 Servo motors AK-1020  AK-1020
ZLW-0630-B Beckhoff AM3111 Servo motors AK-1018  AK-1018
ZLW-0630-B Beckhoff AM3112 Servo motors AK-1019  AK-1019
ZLW-0630-S Allen Bradley TLY-A220x-xJxxAx Servo motors AK-1017  AK-1017
ZLW-0630-S B&R 8LVA22 Servo motors AK-1021  AK-1021
ZLW-0630-S SEW CMP40 Servo motors AK-1022  AK-1022
ZLW-1040-B B&R 8LVA13 Servo motors AK-1023  AK-1023
ZLW-1040-B Lenze MCS06C41L Servo motors AK-1025  AK-1025
ZLW-1040-B Mitsubishi HG-MR053B Servo motors AK-1024  AK-1024
ZLW-1040-B Schneider Electric BCH060 Servo motors AK-1027  AK-1027
ZLW-1040-B Schneider Electric GBX060 Gear AK-1084  AK-1084
ZLW-1040-B Thomson XT060 Gear AK-1026  AK-1026
ZLW-1040-S B&R 8LSA2 Servo motors AK-1028  AK-1028
ZLW-1040-S B&R 8LSA33 Servo motors AK-1029  AK-1029
ZLW-1040-S B&R 8LSA34 Servo motors AK-1030  AK-1030
ZLW-1040-S B&R 8LSA35 Servo motors AK-1031  AK-1031
ZLW-1040-S B&R 8LSA36 Servo motors AK-1032  AK-1032
ZLW-1040-S B&R 8LVA22 Servo motors AK-1033  AK-1033
ZLW-1040-S Beckhoff AM803x Servo motors AK-1034  AK-1034
ZLW-1040-S Beckhoff AM802x Servo motors AK-1035  AK-1035
ZLW-1040-S Delta Electronics ECMA-XX04XXXX Servo motors AK-1036  AK-1036
ZLW-1040-S Delta Electronics ECMA-XX06XXXX Servo motors AK-1037  AK-1037
ZLW-1040-S Esitron PGA52 Gear AK-1038  AK-1038
ZLW-1040-S Lenze MSC-06 Servo motors AK-1039  AK-1039
ZLW-1040-S LSMercapion APM-SBXXXXX Servo motors AK-1040  AK-1040
ZLW-1040-S Mannesmann DEMAG MUD 53-1000 Pneumatic motor AK-1055  AK-1055
ZLW-1040-S Nanotec DB87L01-S EC motor AK-1041  AK-1041
ZLW-1040-S Omron R88M-G20030 Servo motors AK-1046  AK-1046
ZLW-1040-S Oriental motor AZM66AC Stepper motor AK-1043  AK-1043
ZLW-1040-S Oriental motor AZM69AC Stepper motor AK-1044  AK-1044
ZLW-1040-S Pilz PMCtendo AC3 Servo motors AK-1045  AK-1045
ZLW-1040-S Schneider Electric GBX060 Gear AK-1042  AK-1042
ZLW-1040-S Schneider Electric BSH055 Servo motors AK-1047  AK-1047
ZLW-1040-S SEW CMP50 Servo motors AK-1048  AK-1048
ZLW-1040-S SEW WF10 D=80 mm Gear AK-1053  AK-1053
ZLW-1040-S Siemens 1FK7034-XXX-XXX Servo motors AK-1064  AK-1064
ZLW-1040-S Thomson XT060 Gear AK-1050  AK-1050
ZLW-1040-S Wittenstein LP-070 Gear AK-1051  AK-1051
ZLW-1040-S Wittenstein LPK050 Gear AK-1052  AK-1052
ZLW-1040-S Yaskawa SGMJV-04 Servo motors AK-1054  AK-1054
ZLW-1080-S Bosch-Rexroth MSK030C Servo motors AK-1061  AK-1061
ZLW-1080-S Nanotec DB87L01-S EC motor AK-1057  AK-1057
ZLW-1660-S Allen Bradley MPL-A-230 Servo motors AK-1058  AK-1058
ZLW-1660-S Allen Bradley MPL-B-230 Servo motors AK-1059  AK-1059
ZLW-1660-S B&R 8LSA35 Servo motors AK-1060  AK-1060
ZLW-1660-S Beckhoff AG2210-LP050 Gear AK-1056  AK-1056
ZLW-1660-S Beckhoff AM8041 Servo motors AK-1085  AK-1085
ZLW-1660-S Bosch-Rexroth MSK030C Servo motors AK-1062  AK-1062
ZLW-1660-S Bühler PM42 Gear AK-1063  AK-1063
ZLW-1660-S Eurotherm AC Mn0480-4/2-6 Servo motors AK-1082  AK-1082
ZLW-1660-S Groschop EGK65-xx-NR Servo motors AK-1049  AK-1049
ZLW-1660-S Mitsubishi HG-SR52 Servo motors AK-1066  AK-1066
ZLW-1660-S Mitsubishi HG-SR81 Servo motors AK-1067  AK-1067
ZLW-1660-S Mitsubishi HG-SR102 Servo motors AK-1068  AK-1068
ZLW-1660-S Mitsubishi HG-SR152 Servo motors AK-1069  AK-1069
ZLW-1660-S Mitsubishi HG-SR51 Servo motors AK-1070  AK-1070
ZLW-1660-S Schneider Electric GBX060 Gear AK-1065  AK-1065
ZLW-1660-S SEW PSC221 Gear AK-1072  AK-1072
ZLW-1660-S SEW WF37 Gear AK-1073  AK-1073
ZLW-1660-S SEW CMP63 Servo motors AK-1076  AK-1076
ZLW-1660-S Siemens 1FK7042-5AF71-1DG0 Servo motors AK-1074  AK-1074
ZLW-1660-S Siemens 1FL6042 (HI) Servo motors AK-1080  AK-1080
ZLW-1660-S Siemens 1FL6061 (HI) Servo motors AK-1081  AK-1081
ZLW-1660-S Thomson XT080 Gear AK-1071  AK-1071
ZLW-1660-S Thomson XT060 Gear AK-1075  AK-1075
ZLW-1660-S Trinamic PD-1160 Stepper motor AK-1077  AK-1077
ZLW-1660-S Yaskawa SGMJV-04 Servo motors AK-1078  AK-1078
ZLW-1660-S Yaskawa PD 085 Gear AK-1079  AK-1079

Adapter kits sorted according to motor / gearbox manufacturers:

Motor / gearbox manufacturers igus® lead screw module Motor / gearbox Type Adapter kit
Allen Bradley ZLW-0630-S TLY-A220x-xJxxAx Servo motors AK-1017  AK-1017
Allen Bradley ZLW-1660-S MPL-A-230 Servo motors AK-1058  AK-1058
Allen Bradley ZLW-1660-S MPL-B-230 Servo motors AK-1059  AK-1059
B&R SAW-0630 8LVA13 Servo motors AK-1001  AK-1001
B&R SAW-0630-Z 8LVA13 Servo motors AK-1000  AK-1000
B&R SLW-BB-1080-Z 8LVA22. Servo motors AK-1014  AK-1014
B&R SLW-BB-1660-Z 8LVA13 Servo motors AK-1016  AK-1016
B&R ZLW-0630-B 8LVA13 Servo motors AK-1020  AK-1020
B&R ZLW-0630-S 8LVA22 Servo motors AK-1021  AK-1021
B&R ZLW-1040-B 8LVA13 Servo motors AK-1023  AK-1023
B&R ZLW-1040-S 8LSA2 Servo motors AK-1028  AK-1028
B&R ZLW-1040-S 8LSA33 Servo motors AK-1029  AK-1029
B&R ZLW-1040-S 8LSA34 Servo motors AK-1030  AK-1030
B&R ZLW-1040-S 8LSA35 Servo motors AK-1031  AK-1031
B&R ZLW-1040-S 8LSA36 Servo motors AK-1032  AK-1032
B&R ZLW-1040-S 8LVA22 Servo motors AK-1033  AK-1033
B&R ZLW-1660-S 8LSA35 Servo motors AK-1060  AK-1060
Beckhoff SAW-1040-Z AM812x Servo motors AK-1002  AK-1002
Beckhoff SHT-BB-30 AM813x Servo motors AK-1008  AK-1008
Beckhoff ZLW-0630-B AM3111 Servo motors AK-1018  AK-1018
Beckhoff ZLW-0630-B AM3112 Servo motors AK-1019  AK-1019
Beckhoff ZLW-1040-S AM803x Servo motors AK-1034  AK-1034
Beckhoff ZLW-1040-S AM802x Servo motors AK-1035  AK-1035
Beckhoff ZLW-1660-S AG2210-LP050 Gear AK-1056  AK-1056
Beckhoff ZLW-1660-S AM8041 Servo motors AK-1085  AK-1085
Bosch-Rexroth ZLW-1080-S MSK030C Servo motors AK-1061  AK-1061
Bosch-Rexroth ZLW-1660-S MSK030C Servo motors AK-1062  AK-1062
Bühler ZLW-1660-S PM42 Gear AK-1063  AK-1063
Control techniques SLW-BB-1040-Z Unimotor HD 055 Servo motors AK-1012  AK-1012
Delta Electronics ZLW-1040-S ECMA-XX04XXXX Servo motors AK-1036  AK-1036
Delta Electronics ZLW-1040-S ECMA-XX06XXXX Servo motors AK-1037  AK-1037
Esitron ZLW-1040-S PGA52 Gear AK-1038  AK-1038
Eurotherm ZLW-1660-S AC Mn0480-4/2-6 Servo motors AK-1082  AK-1082
Groschop ZLW-1660-S EGK65-xx-NR Servo motors AK-1049  AK-1049
Lenze SLW-2080 SDSGAxx056-xx AC motor AK-1010  AK-1010
Lenze ZLW-1040-B MCS06C41L Servo motors AK-1025  AK-1025
Lenze ZLW-1040-S MSC-06 Servo motors AK-1039  AK-1039
LSMercapion ZLW-1040-S APM-SBXXXXX Servo motors AK-1040  AK-1040
Mannesmann DEMAG ZLW-1040-S MUD 53-1000 Pneumatic motor AK-1055  AK-1055
Mitsubishi SHT-12 HG-KR43 Servo motors AK-1004  AK-1004
Mitsubishi SHT-12-Z HG-KR43 Servo motors AK-1006  AK-1006
Mitsubishi ZLW-1040-B HG-MR053B Servo motors AK-1024  AK-1024
Mitsubishi ZLW-1660-S HG-SR52 Servo motors AK-1066  AK-1066
Mitsubishi ZLW-1660-S HG-SR81 Servo motors AK-1067  AK-1067
Mitsubishi ZLW-1660-S HG-SR102 Servo motors AK-1068  AK-1068
Mitsubishi ZLW-1660-S HG-SR152 Servo motors AK-1069  AK-1069
Mitsubishi ZLW-1660-S HG-SR51 Servo motors AK-1070  AK-1070
Nanotec ZLW-1040-S DB87L01-S EC motor AK-1041  AK-1041
Nanotec ZLW-1080-S DB87L01-S EC motor AK-1057  AK-1057
Omron ZLW-1040-S R88M-G20030 Servo motors AK-1046  AK-1046
Oriental motor ZLW-1040-S AZM66AC Stepper motor AK-1043  AK-1043
Oriental motor ZLW-1040-S AZM69AC Stepper motor AK-1044  AK-1044
Panasonic SHT-12 MSME021xxxxx Servo motors AK-1005  AK-1005
Pilz ZLW-1040-S PMCtendo AC3 Servo motors AK-1045  AK-1045
Schneider Electric SLW-10120 BCH040 Servo motors AK-1009  AK-1009
Schneider Electric ZLW-1040-B BCH060 Servo motors AK-1027  AK-1027
Schneider Electric ZLW-1040-B GBX060 Gear AK-1084  AK-1084
Schneider Electric ZLW-1040-S GBX060 Gear AK-1042  AK-1042
Schneider Electric ZLW-1040-S BSH055 Servo motors AK-1047  AK-1047
Schneider Electric ZLW-1660-S GBX060 Gear AK-1065  AK-1065
SEW ZLW-0630-S CMP40 Servo motors AK-1022  AK-1022
SEW ZLW-1040-S CMP50 Servo motors AK-1048  AK-1048
SEW ZLW-1040-S WF10 D=80 mm Gear AK-1053  AK-1053
SEW ZLW-1660-S PSC221 Gear AK-1072  AK-1072
SEW ZLW-1660-S WF37 Gear AK-1073  AK-1073
SEW ZLW-1660-S CMP63 Servo motors AK-1076  AK-1076
Siemens SAW-1660-Z 1FK7034 Servo motors AK-1003  AK-1003
Siemens SHT-12-Z 1FK7022-5AK71-1LG0 Servo motors AK-1007  AK-1007
Siemens SLW-2080 1FK7022 Servo motors AK-1011  AK-1011
Siemens SLW-BB-1040-Z 1FL602 Servo motors AK-1013  AK-1013
Siemens SLW-BB-1080-Z 1FL602 Servo motors AK-1015  AK-1015
Siemens ZLW-1040-S 1FK7034-XXX-XXX Servo motors AK-1064  AK-1064
Siemens ZLW-1660-S 1FK7042-5AF71-1DG0 Servo motors AK-1074  AK-1074
Siemens ZLW-1660-S 1FL6042 (HI) Servo motors AK-1080  AK-1080
Siemens ZLW-1660-S 1FL6061 (HI) Servo motors AK-1081  AK-1081
Thomson ZLW-1040-B XT060 Gear AK-1026  AK-1026
Thomson ZLW-1040-S XT060 Gear AK-1050  AK-1050
Thomson ZLW-1660-S XT080 Gear AK-1071  AK-1071
Thomson ZLW-1660-S XT060 Gear AK-1075  AK-1075
Trinamic ZLW-1660-S PD-1160 Stepper motor AK-1077  AK-1077
Wittenstein ZLW-1040-S LP-070 Gear AK-1051  AK-1051
Wittenstein ZLW-1040-S LPK050 Gear AK-1052  AK-1052
Yaskawa ZLW-1040-S SGMJV-04 Servo motors AK-1054  AK-1054
Yaskawa ZLW-1660-S SGMJV-04 Servo motors AK-1078  AK-1078
Yaskawa ZLW-1660-S PD 085 Gear AK-1079  AK-1079

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