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Automated storage and retrieval system: flizz® instead of conductor line

Safe and quiet at high speeds - Upper and lower runs solidly one upon the other

The innovation in the field of energy chains has won it the hard-earned name: Micro flizz® means the novel igus® product. The compact, space-saving system has been designed for storage and retrieval units for high-bay warehouses, industrial roller shutters or workstation equipment in which hand tools must be used. The well thought-out design moreover allows extremely rapid accelerations as well as high operating speeds.

A specially designed energy chain runs in an aluminum guide channel and supplies electricity to a moving load through a rolling and/or glide carriage running below. With the construction kit of different chain widths and heights as well as bending radii, adaptations can be made in the essential performance data. For instance a data cable, copper or fiber glass, can be combined with power cables or pneumatic hoses. A significant plus point for instance is in automated storage and retrieval systems, which can pull objects from the shelf with a pneumatically operated grip. If more cables are to be accommodated, the Micro flizz® can be operated with two energy chains, whereby the chains can be ordered to run in opposite directions in one channel. This is possible both with two carriages independent of each other and with one carriage for both chains.

Micro flizz® Low-noise operation: Plastic springs lower vibrations and noise.

Engineering contrivance: "Side Wings"

The design of the chain in the Micro flizz® is completely new. In the individual chain links, little side wings of few millimeters fold out in the stretched state and firmly hold the entire E-Chain in a slot in the stretched position. As soon as the chain bends, the side wings turn flat and releases the chain, to traverse around the radius without barriers. By fixing in the upper slot, the chain is prevented from falling on the floor of the guide channel or glide on the chain lower run at the bottom. Buckling of the chain at high speeds up to 6 m/s or extreme accelerations is thus prevented. Another highlight: There is a small plastic spring in every chain link, which is the first to touch ground when the chain is put on. This absorbs the movement, preserves the system through low vibrations and makes the Micro flizz® more quiet than it formerly was by its design principle.

Micro flizz® As soon as the energy chain bends in the radius, the side wings turn flat. The chain can leave the slot and freely lay down.

Small and medium shelves

The operation options are many. The Micro flizz® is just ideal for small and medium shelves. No limits are thereby set for speed and acceleration. Stretches of up to 60 meters are already in the much promising test phase. Test results so far authenticate a practically wear-free operation above just a million strokes at a speed of 4 m/sec, corresponding to a stretch covering 6,000 km. Initial feedbacks from new users confirm the optimistic expectations. The Micro flizz® runs reliably and easily exceeds all expectations.

Micro flizz® 6 parallel Micro flizz® chains in endurance test (outer area). Tested service life so far is almost 1 million strokes at 4 m/s, which corresponds to a glide path of 6,000 km.

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