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Positioning of the moving end in unsupported applications

The CAD file of the e-chain® can be generated with any possible travel position.

In this application, the feeder and/or fixed end is at the center of the travel. The travel is specified with 500 mm in the example depicted above. The moving end can thus travel from the fixed end -250 mm to the left and +250 mm to the right.

Positioning of the moving end in gliding applications

The CAD model of the e-chain® can be illustrated in all possible positions even in gliding travels.

If the travel is specified with 10000 mm as shown in the example above, the moving end travels from the fixed end -4100 mm to the left and +5900 mm to the right dependent on ∆CL*.

*For ΔCL and other information on the required installation space of the e-chain®, please ask for the drawing "long travels" for the selected e-chain® from our sales department.

Reference point

The reference point (0 mm) is at the fixed end and/or feeder in the travel direction.

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