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E2 R - Two-piece e-tubes - chip protection - very silent operation

E2R energy tubes - small pitch for higher speeds and quiet operation igus e-tubes for areas with hot chips and applications involving a lot of dirt and dust such as in woodworking and metal machining as well as in the paper, textile and agricultural industries or in other adverse ambient conditions.

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  • High level of protection against swarf (including hot swarf)
  • Robust and sealed
  • Space-efficient with optimised ratio of inner to outer dimensions
  • Modular interior separation
  • Universal KMA mounting brackets with attachment options from any side

Snap-open along the outside

Usually dispatched within 2 working days Series R48

Inner height hi: 25mm
Inner widths Bi: 25 - 130mm
Bend radii R: 60 - 250mm
Pitch: 30.3mm

Usually dispatched within 2 working days Series R58

Inner height hi: 35mm
Inner widths Bi: 50 - 200mm
Bend radii R: 75 - 250mm
Pitch: 33.3mm

Usually dispatched within 2 working days Series R68

Inner height hi: 45mm
Inner widths Bi: 50 - 250mm
Bend radii R: 100 - 300mm
Pitch: 36mm

e-chain® selection aids

You can find the right e-chain® quickly by entering concrete parameters and with the aid of a comparison table.

Installation instructions

Joining and separating of the E-Tubes.

Application examples

Applications in various industrial sectors and in the igus® test laboratory.

Small pitch for silent operation

Protection for cables and tubes against chips (even hot chips)

Rugged and tight

Space-saving with good ratio of
inner to outer dimensions

Modular interior separation options

Small pitch for low-noise, silent operation

Very small radii possible through small pitch

Smooth, chip-repellant exterior contour

Removable lid for shortening the installation time

Double stop dog system for longer unsupported lengths

KMA mounting brackets with potential for "all-round" fastening

Typical industrial sectors and applications

Materials handling

Construction machinery

Machine tools

Timber Processing Machines

Long travels in many industrial sectors


ESD versions

Theater and entertaining industry


General mechanical engineering etc.

In all areas exposed to dirt and chips

iF Design award

iF Design Award for series R117/R118 and series R68

ESD classification

ESD classification: electrically conductive ESD versions upon request

UL94-V2 classification

UL94-V0 classifications upon request

igumid HT material

e-tubes made of igumid HT: hot chips (up to 850°C) cannot burn into them Available as custom design upon request.

Usually dispatched within 2 working days


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