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Technical environment – ESD

Your benefits with ESD products

  • ESD material tested with over 10 million cycles for the toughest requirements
  • Openable e-chains® with mounting brackets and interior separation in ESD design available from stock
  • Standardised product - igumid ESD
  • Tried and tested for years in explosion-proof areas, short delivery times: 7.00 am to 8.00 pm order and delivery service



More info on ESD:

The hue of igumid ESD approximately corresponds to RAL 7015 slate-gray

System E6 - 2nd Generation ESD Chains without pin and bores, longterm conductivity guaranteed

For many years now, igus® has attached great priority to safety in hazardous areas and protection from ESD in sensitive production areas. Since 1992, e-chains® have been manufactured from our special material "GC". Despite unbroken conductivity of the material, conventional chains with a pin/bore structure are hardly able to keep over the long their conductivity within the standard tolerances for conductivity.

Permanently stable conductance value.

No contact surface wear.

Tried and tested standard product, now also conductive. Service life in a laboratory test ≥10 million cycles (more on request)

Subject to more stringent QC procedures, with and without mounting bracket and in different applications

Absorption "level 1" confirmed by Fraunhofer Institute IPA according to SEMI E78-0998 ESD even for the E6 standard material available from stock


A: Mounting brackets (moving end and fixed end) electrically conductive (that is, ESD - material or metal)
B: e-chain® ESD - material
C: Electrically conductive base or guide troughs (that means, metal)
D: e-chain® ESD - material