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triflex® R - assembly videos

Find many helpful videos on triflex R energy chains and the accessories here.

Energy chains

triflex TRE
triflex TRC.60
triflex TRC.70
triflex TRC/TRE.125
triflex TRL
triflex TRCF
triflex TRLF

Accessories for robots

TRE.LOCK clips
triflex mounting brackets: standard & light versions
Strain reliefs with igus clamps/connections
triflex R TRC, TRE and TRL accessories: protectors

Systems for COBOTS

Fibre-rod modules with COB clamps
triflex COB clamps

Retraction systems for Axes 3-6

triflex® R without retraction
triflex RS
triflex R linear retraction systems: RSSL (with tension spring) and RSEL (with elastomer cord)
triflex RSP - pneumatic retraction system
Fibre-rod modules

Systems for the axis 1



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