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triflex® R ESD | e-chains®

Enclosed type especially for robots and 3-dimensional applications

Energy chains made of conductive ESD material are used to avoid static charge in manufacturing processes for electronic components or assemblies. Measurements of the electrical surface leakage resistance for igus energy chains with the special material igumid GC, were made back in 1992 by igus GmbH together with the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt) in Braunschweig, supplemented by additional certifications in 1998 and 1999 according to DIN 53482, and the guidelines for static electricity ZH1/200 of the Federation of Trade Associations.

Your benefits with ESD products

  • ESD material tested for over 10 million cycles for the toughest requirements
  • Openable energy chains with mounting brackets in ESD version available from stock
  • Standardised product using igumid ESD
  • Proven over years of use in explosion-proof areas
  • Short delivery times: 7:00am to 8:00pm - ordering and delivery service


1. TRC - enclosed chip-repellent design
High tensile strength absorption through the "ball and socket" joint
Multi-axis movement - twist up to ± 10° per chain link possible in longitudinal axis
Impact-resistant, robust, abrasion-resistant and dirt-repellent
Easy assembly and disassembly - single injection-moulded part
High stability - due to exterior stop-dogs
Electrically conductive: ESD versions
e-chains® colour: (according to RAL, approximate) black ≈ RAL9004
Small bend radii and short pitch
Easy attachment to the machine/robot

Technical design qualities of the igus® triflex® R TRC series of e-chains®:

approx. ±10° torsion per chain link

High tensile strength due to ball-and-socket joint

Fiber rod option for partial directional control and reinforcement

No support elements such as steel cables, springs etc. are necessary

Diverse range of accessories

Optional retraction systems reliably guide the 3D e-chains® along the robot arm and dependably prevent loop formation

TRC - Safe, enclosed, chip-repellent

Smooth and robust exterior against interfering edges

High torsion stability

Can be arbitrarily shortened or extended

Typical industries and applications

3 to 6 axes at robots

Multi-axis machine tools

Wet and cold cells

Painting applications and ESD

Sand and dust exposure

Linear motors

General mechanical engineering, etc.

Sizes of ESD chains available

Available from stock (other sizes upon request)

Order No. Inner width
Bi in mm
Outer width
Ba in mm
R in mm
Inner height
Bi1 in mm
Inner height
Bi2 in mm
Usually shipped within 6 weeks TRC.40.058.0.ESD 38 43 58 15 13 299.91 GBP Add to shopping cart
Usually shipped within 6 weeks TRC.60.087.0.ESD 57 65 87 22.5 19.5 346.20 GBP Add to shopping cart
Usually shipped within 6 weeks TRC.70.110.0.ESD 71.5 81 110 28 24 421.55 GBP Add to shopping cart
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Mounting bracket in ESD material

Available from stock with strain relief

  • Quick and easy installation of the energy chain
  • Extremely short time to exchange a pre-filled triflex® R
  • Mounting bracket available with strain relief teeth (1)
  • Mounting bracket without strain relief teeth (2)
  • Mounting bracket as intermediate bracket (3)
  • Quick mounting with captive snap lock
  • Mounting holes for common robot types
  • Final or intermediate mounting possible

triflex R mounting brackets


TR.40.01 mounting bracket with strain relief

TR.60.01.ESD + TR.70.01.ESD

TR.60 and TR.70.01.ESD
Standard AE triflex R

(1) Mounting bracket with strain relief TR.XX.01
(2) Mounting bracket without strain relief TR.XX.02
(3) Mounting bracket as intermediate bracket TR.XX.02
Strain relief systems are possible on the fixed end and/or moving end! 
Standard: through holes in ø F
Option: with threaded bushings, steel, M6/M8

Product range triflex R ESD mounting brackets

Order No. Options Dim. A [mm] Dim. B [mm] Dim. C [mm] Dim. D [mm] Dim. E [mm] Dimension Ø F [mm]
Usually shipped within 6 weeks TR.40.01.ESD with strain relief 17.8 21 13.5 27 85 6.5 73.16 GBP Add to shopping cart
Usually shipped within 6 weeks TR.60.01.ESD with strain relief 25 32 20 40 126 9 103.17 GBP Add to shopping cart
Usually shipped within 6 weeks TR.70.01.ESD with strain relief 25 32 20 40 126 9 104.35 GBP Add to shopping cart
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Conductivity of igus® products from igumid ESD

In contrast to temporary conductive surface coatings or volatile incorporated antistatic agents, the additives used offer long lasting and maintenance-free conductivity. If individual e-chain components offer conductivity, this is not sufficient: the whole e-chain® from one end to the other must have continuous conductivity. All products in this catalogue are optimised in this regard and the continuous conductivity is measured and documented prior to delivery with 100% testing.
Only e-chains® that have passed this test are provided with the test seal and delivered. The colour of the triflex R chains is special because they are not slate grey (≈RAL7015) but still black, similar to ≈RAL9004. Unfortunately, this makes it somewhat more difficult to distinguish from standard materials. However, this is clearly defined via the material stamp.  

ESD test 100% of the produced ESD e-chains® are checked for their continuous conductivity from one end to the other

Usually shipped within 6 weeks


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