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Accessories TRC, TRE and TRL: Design

Selection of the chain size

In the selection of type, keep in mind that a space reserve is scheduled for all electric, pneumatic and media cables to compensate the forces arising through relative movements between e-chain® and cables as well as between cables. Cables are to be assembled with sufficient clearance. The following value can be assumed as a rough rule of thumb: The total cable cross section should not exceed 60% of the effective cross section and additionally maintain a space of 10% and at least 1 mm respectively to the next cable or e-chain®. A list of usable cross sections can be found in the displayed table. igus® would be glad to do the calculations for you.

For series: Useable surfaces
TRC.30 313,0
TRC.40 508,0
TRC.60 1144,0
TRC.70 1788,0
TRC.85 2431,0
TRC.100 3176,0
TRC.125 4584,0

We would be glad to help you in the selection of the right size with our triflex® R project planning software.


Filling examples TRC.70 and TRC.40


Example for determining the cable length:

ACable = d² xπ
A1 = (10mm x 10 mm xπ) / 4
= 78,5mm² x 7(Number of cables)
= 549,50mm²
A2 = (18mm x 18mm xπ) / 4
= 254,34mm²
A3 = (22mm x 22mm xπ) / 4
= 379,94mm²
ACable = A1 + A2 + A3 = 1183,7mm²

We would be happy to send you the igus® aids for the layout of triflex® R e-chains®. To do so, please get in touch with us.


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