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Vertical hanging

Vertically hanging applications

According to the principle of the hanging installation, travels, that is mounting heights, of over 100 m are possible with igus® e-chains®. Particularly in the materials handling sector, the igus® e-chain® enables a bundled supply system consisting of a wide variety of cable types. The application of an e-chain® ensures that individual cables do not get caught in the shelf parts or protruding pallets.
Cables and hoses
Two important factors in vertical hanging applications are how the conduits lay in the e-chain® and how they are secured at the end points: All cables and hoses must be hung so that they bear their own weight. The energy chain fulfills the function of orderly conduit bundling only and should not absorb any further tensile forces. igus® interior separation elements should be used for distinct division of all cables and hoses. The cables and hoses must be secured carefully to both end points of the energy chain. The strain relief must be designed so that the opposite run cannot catch.


A normal igus® e-chain® with camber is suitable for hanging use if enough space is available. If there is no room - as is frequently the case for storage and retrieval systems in narrow aisles - a "no camber" e-chain® must be ordered. Order example: (NC = no camber) These versions are offered at no additional charge, but with a slightly longer delivery period - usually 1-2 business days longer.

Vertical motion without lateral acceleration

If the application involves vertical motion without lateral acceleration, the e-chain® can be installed without lateral support. If the space restrictions are severe, an igus® e-chain® with no camber must be specified.

Vertical motion with lateral acceleration

If lateral acceleration occurs, lateral guidance of the e-chain® must be provided in most cases. The diagram to the right shows the principle of such guidance. Partial guidance is also an option - however, it must at least cover the area in which the e-chain® may sway. Lateral acceleration can occur in two directions. The lateral guidance must be installed accordingly. If you have a choice, the layout in Figure A is preferred. Additional guidance along the side of the e-chain® helps to stabilize the chain further.

Principle of a hanging EChain® with lateral guidance Lateral accelerations in both directions are intercepted

Technical data - vertical hanging

Travel height max: 100 m
v max: 20 m/s dependent on height
and stability of the e-chain®
a max: 50 m/s2 dependent on height
and stability of the e-chain®

In most cases, vertical motion applications do not require lateral guidance
Lateral acceleration can occur in two directions. A guidance is necessary

We recommend locking mounting brackets for hanging applications. In restricted spaces, other solutions are possible with consultation.
Safe strain relief and clear separation of the conduits are the basic prerequisites for hanging installations - Cables must be able to move freely and bear their own weight.

Examples of vertically hanging applications.

Preferred Series for vertical, hanging design

Guidelok Slimline F

guidelok slimline „F“: up to 7 m/s and 10 m/s2

No rattling and knocking in lateral acceleration. Guide upwards safely. High speeds of 7 m/s are no longer a rarity for lane travel in highly dynamic storage and retrieval devices. The e-chains® are guided very safely even at very high speeds with the new generation igus® guidelok slimline. The product range was now further expanded for the e-chains® 2700 and 3500 - now higher filling and higher loads are possible.

Up to 7 m/s and 10 m/s2

Reduce troughs by as much as 80%

Significantly reduce costs and weight

For hanging applications up to a height of 50 m

No e-chain® chatter

High functional safety through locking lever and guide rails

Faster and very easy installation

Significant noise reduction

Easy access for servicing

Energy + Data + Media in a single system

Malfunction-free, reliable transmission

System design

Due to the wide variety of combinations involving stroke height, cable/hose packages, dynamic values, and application environments, we strongly recommend you make use of our consulting services. Simply call, E-mail or fax us.

Hanging assembly with one-sided U profile
Hanging and standing e-chain systems® can reach to very different points

Special zig-zag installation method: