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Cranes on the chain

Energy supply system in heavy duty use since 12 years
readychain® in application at Beton Kemmler GmbH & Co KG

At the Beton Kemmler GmbH & Co. KG, moving production and in-plant industrial trucks are harnessed in chains. In the tough environment of concrete processing, the igus® energy supply chains perform a crucial task for the stability and reliable function of the indoor crane and portal robot. At Beton Kemmler, after more than 12 years of almost error-free operation, the energy supply system in the tube manufacturing is now remolded. A completely preassembled system shortens the installation time and prevents longer production downtime.


Stable even under the hardest application conditions: The energy chains are made almost indestructible and resistant to wear by encapsulated chain joints, precisely calculated bending radii and selected materials.

New paths in energy supply

An energy supply system was installed some years ago in the manufacture of concrete pipes, which not only reduced the downtimes to a minimum, but also set new standards for the power supply within the Kemmler factory. In the large production, drying and storage halls, two gantry cranes equipped with grip robots must be supplied with energy. The entire pipe production is conducted to the farthest extent fully automatically with these two cranes, which run on the same rails mounted alongside the hall. The crane bridges were supplied with power and controlled through trailing cable till 1993. However, this operation led to interruptions time and time again. At more or less regular intervals, the trailing carriage got stuck in the rails leading not only to the entire shutdown of the plant, but also to long term and cost-intensive repairs often due to torn cables.


Casting molds for house and garage walls are transported from workstation to workstation with special lift trucks run on rails. The power supply is conducted through energy chains

Error-free twelve years

For twelve years the plant has been operating with energy chains of the proven and tested Series 50 almost free of errors and has since then covered a stretch of approximately 6.6 million meters. At that time the energy chain system of the Series 50 satisfied by its both sides snap open crossbars and sensible accessories such as multifaceted interior separation and integrated strain relief. In the course of preventive maintenance measures, the energy supply systems should now be replaced. Special plastics and the specific design of the chain joints grant igus® products a mechanical stability that otherwise can be achieved only by essentially expensive metal chains. By the supply of ready assembled energy supply systems, the so-called readychain®, we offer a solution in which all power and control cables are already drawn in during the chain assembly according to the specifications and requirements of the user. Reserve cables are attached in reasonable measure, so that the chain in its entirety remains adequately flexible. Another important advantage of the readychain® is that cables from the own, tested chainflex® collection are used. The braiding in bundles, the gusset-filling pressure extruded inner jacket and the outer jacket perfectly tuned to the application in energy chains grant flexibility to these cables that optimally match the application-relevant bending radius of the energy chain.

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