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Harnessed energy supply system saves assembly time in the woodworking and furniture processing industry


  • What was needed: Functionally reliable, tough pre-assembled energy chain system
  • Requirements: Reduced energy consumption of the production plants, reduce assembly times and throughput
  • Product: readychain® harnessed energy chain
  • Field of application: Woodworking and furniture processing industry
  • Success for the customer: Assembly time saved, throughput reduced, quality and plant availability increased

About feeding and stacking systems:Bargstedt Handlingsysteme GmbH in Hemmoor is a member of the globally active HOMAG Group, the market-leading supplier of production plants and machines for woodworking. Bargstedt is the specialist in handling within the group. Bargstedt's systems are used whenever wood panel-shaped materials have to be transported, stacked, stored, turned or sorted. This field ranges from the smallest handicraft business up to the internationally positioned high-tech company worldwide.

Feeding system

The challenge

The demands on the energy supply systems are always the same at Bargstedt: high cycle times and tight bend radii place considerable strain on energy supply systems and cables. The travels for the portal and storage systems are between 4 and 60 m. Speeds of 60 to 290 m/min are possible with an acceleration of up to 12 m/s². A cycle rate of max. 20 cycles per minute can be achieved with the feeding and stacking systems. The operating conditions on site are typical for woodworking - dry, dusty and usually warm.
The only variable when ordering a energy supply system is the type and the horizontal installation length of the appropriate system. Although the individual processing machines of a production line have a fixed size, the space for the required handling varies. Among other things, it is geared to the indoor conditions. The travel lengths of the bearing bracket must be individually adapted to the requirements on site.


From the idea to the final implementation it took about 18 months of intensive preparation. During these months a final standard including the chain assignment for the different machine types with the appropriate cables and plug connections has been defined. "Defining this standard requires a thorough analysis in advance," confirms Merten Hamann. "But it's worth the time. We have now become not only faster, but can also achieve better quality and plant availability. “
For more than 20 years, in our plants igus [link pagenr="22999" title="energy chains"] with the matching guide troughs have been used. About three years ago, Bargstedt decided to use prefabricated complete systems from igus, so-called readychain systems.

readychain harnessed energy supply system in feeding system

The chains are supplied complete with cables and connectors, so-called readycable, and are immediately ready for installation. In addition, flexurally resistant chainflex cables are included to guarantee the increasing dynamic loads and high system availability.
The pre-assembled energy supply systems are used today in portal and storage systems for loading and stacking furniture parts. They are suitable for tough continuous use in the furniture industry and are characterised by low wear in their moving parts. High cycle outputs are achieved with the latest drive and control technology.

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