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Energy supply systems for the machine tool manufacturing: Standardized and preassembled

Waldrich Coburg is focused on the special machine construction sector. Thereby everything centers around turning, milling and grinding, and that in different machine sizes.
Due to the size and complexity of the machines, Waldrich always aligns its machines with the individual processing situation of the customer. But, that costs much time and money.
Therefore, Waldrich Coburg decided to construct a portal milling machine in only one configuration - ValuTec.

ValuTec - Portal milling machine

ValuTec - Portal milling machine

New concept

Whereas the Waldrich Coburg machines usually have installation times of three months due to the size and complexity, the specification for the new ValuTec is approximately three weeks. This reduction can be achieved certainly only with the appropriate prerequisites and the right suppliers. Waldrich Coburg used the preassembled energy supply systems of the igus® GmbH for the first time in the ValuTec milling machine. Waldrich procures even individual cables that should be laid somewhere in the machine, as well as guide troughs in which the energy supply systems are run, completely from igus®. Whereas Waldrich so far had a supplier for every individual part, the chain, the cables, the hose systems, with corresponding logistical expenditure, it now procures everything from one source - the readychain®. Another advantage for Waldrich is of course a single contact person in case of queries or problems of all sorts. The system responsibility entirely rests upon igus®. The energy supply system used in the ValuTec milling machine consists of more than 8,000 individual parts, which are assembled at the right time and promptly delivered. The complex system has been reduced by igus® to just eight order numbers. With readychain®, the customer is handed over the entire igus® logistics - from the procuring of all essential individual parts up to the delivery of the ready-to-install energy supply system. Thus costs become transparent for Waldrich Coburg.

Energy supply systems

Moreover only one energy chain supplier was considered due to the technical requirements of the milling machine, which can meet the complex needs arising from the high rates of feed and the bending radii. The entire repertoire in electro, hydraulic and pneumatic components that must be built in through the chain and on the machine, are included in the scope of delivery. The complete set of steel elements necessary for the guidance of the chain are also delivered by igus®. That makes things round. These plates have been designed in such a way that it can also be used as transportation device. For Waldrich, as one of the many consequences of that, no unnecessary transport rack had to be made.

Reduction of construction time thanks to readychain®

Waldrich Coburg - ValuTec with readychain®

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