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igus® Ltd.

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Northampton, NN4 7PW

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igus® plastic solutions for control cabinet making and peripherals

Maintenance-free, cost-effective, reliable, and delivered quickly...

igus® solutions for control panels

We not only provide you with cost-effective cables for motion-control (and fixed installation) applications, but also with the matching energy chains to connect the control cabinet to the machine. Including many novelties, such as the plug-in energy chain, to directly plug the energy supply system into the control cabinet within seconds.
For instance, the plain bearing technology product range includes our clip-on bearings for sheetmetal feed-throughs or slewing ring bearings for rotating control panel installations.

Installation and application options of igus® products

chainflex® cables All cables from a single source

- for fixed installation or with low loads: chainflex® M
- for highly dynamic applications: chainflex®

iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearing

to rotate cabinet assemblies, or similar
- maintenance-free
- clean due to dry-running properties
- light and cost-effective
iglidur® PRT


"flexible" cable channel for your control cabinet and/or as a connection to the machine
- easy assembly
- cables are inserted quickly
- light and cost-effective
- for defined linear motions
- or multi-axis motions

harnessed readycable® cables

fully harnessed with connectors within 24 hrs.
- servo, signal, and encoder cables
- various certifications and compliances: UL, CSA, CE Desina

Chainfix strain relief systems

Simple and reliable strain relief for commercially available rails in the control cabinet (tophat rail, C rail)
- tested and better than commercially available solutions
- ideal for dynamic and static solutions with chainflex® cables
chainfix strain reliefs

drylin® Linear Guides

for your inserts, doors, and rotating units
- space-saving
- maintenance-free
- clean due to dry-running properties
- light and cost-effective
drylin® linear technology

readychain® S

Easy connection of harnessed e-chain systems®. Connected in seconds – without any tools. The connector and mounting bracket merge into one for minimum downtime. e-chains® are replaced in seconds.
- minimised downtime
- reliable connection due to very rugged connectors
- cable overlaps do not need to be known
readychain® S

iglidur® plain bearings
igubal® spherical bearings

for feed-throughs, bearings, compensation
- maintenance-free
- clean due to dry-running properties
- light and cost-effective
iglidur® plain bearings igubal® spherical bearings

Design-engineering and assembly services

Ask for the igus® assembly service or the"OpenSpace" design-engineering service . You specify the installation space, we will design the e-chain® into your machine. On request, fully assembled, including system guarantee.

More information:

QuickPin 2.0 connector-cable configurator

In only 3 minutes select from over 950 chainflex® cables and 3000 connector components, configure cable online, order directly.

Test laboratory for energy chains

More than three billion test cycles per year are carried out at a total of 180 testing stations.

Lower process costs online

Reduce process costs online with online tools and many more useful services for all product areas.