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igus® used in machine tools

What is a machine tool? Turning, milling, drilling and grinding are among the most important technologies for machine tool manufacturing. The machine tool is the "mother" of all machines and the basis for e.g. car manufacturing or smart phone production. The set-up of the machine tool can be very complex - from conventional lathe, to CNC machine or machining centre up to a production line with automation unit. The target is to produce complex workpieces with the help of tools. Together with the degree of automation, the use of igus motion plastics also increases. From the energy chain and flexing chainflex cables up to dry-tech bearings, all product groups are used in the machine tool. The future project Industry 4.0 is taking on an ever more concrete shape. Thanks to igus smart plastics, the Machine Tool 4.0 is becoming reality for machine tool manufacturers. The goal is always to reduce costs and improve technology.

Flyer for machine tools for the EMO trade show  

Flyer for machine tools

Over 40 new motion plastics for use in machine tools

Cost down, life up! Just in time for the EMO, igus presents more than 40 motion plastics products for your modern machine tool.

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Selected products for the machine tool industry

Newest e-chain generation: System E4Q/R4Q  
Energy chain system E4Q/R4Q

  • Can be opened and closed without tools
  • Optional noise dampeners for quieter operation
  • Saving materials leads to lighter weight

igus smart plastics in machine tools  
smart plastics

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Reduce maintenance time of the machine tool
  • Avoid unplanned downtimes

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Ready-to-connect energy supply modules readychain®: direct from the manufacturer  

  • Ready-to-connect energy supply modules
  • Pre-assembled directly by the manufacturer
  • Optimise transport & assembly

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robolink® RL-DP  
robolink DP

  • Payload up to 30N
  • Reach up to 790mm
  • Also available with integrated control system

robolink DP: 4- or 5-axis robot arm

chainflex® cables for motion  
chainflex cables for motion

  • 36-month guarantee 
  • Guaranteed service life - predictable online
  • Functions also under extreme conditions

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Module Connect - save a lot of time with intelligent connector system  
Module Connect - intelligent connector system

  • Strain relief in the housing
  • Space-saving due to flat housing
  • Adapt connector to energy chain geometry

Find our more about Module Connect

Energy chain E4.1L - high dynamics, light and cost-effective  
Energy chain system E4.1L

  • Save 80% assembly time
  • Unique interior separation system
  • Long service life due to optimised design

Find out more about energy chain E4.1Lean

Cost-effective swarf protection due to R2.1 e-tubes by igus®  
e-tube R2.1

  • Cost-effective swarf protection
  • Easy to fill
  • Low noise operation due to integrated brake

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Machine tools magazine  


motion plastics used in machine tools

Read our new igus magazine for the machine tool industry to find out more about motion plastics products for your modern machine tools and many ways of lowering your costs and improving the performance of your machines.

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Tested for being swarf- and media-resistant

In the igus test laboratory, the largest one of its kind in the industry (2,750m²), more than two billion test cycles are carried out on 107 test rigs every year. Extensive test databases are created in the process and even tests for individual customers are possible upon request.

Leak test in chip drum Only 2.7g of chips were found in the interior of the RX tube after 251,900 cycles.


Media resistance test Test of energy chains for their resistance to diverse media. Result: they function perfectly after 100,000 cycles.

Sample box for machine tools  

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Test our energy supply systems and bearing technology for machine tools yourself: improve the performance of your equipment and lower costs at the same time.

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igus products used successfully in machine tools

Avoid machine failures

An automotive supplier from Austria relies on igus smart plastics for these assembly lines in order to increase reliability and implement predictive maintenance.

smart plastics used in machine tools

Ready-to-install systems for machine tools: reduce costs and improve performance

Ready-to-install "readychain" energy supply systems from igus are used in DMU/DMC-160 machining centres at the Deckel MAHO Pfronten site of the company DMG MORI, leading manufacturer of machine tools.

Machine tool manufacture

Quiet operation due to sliding

In this application, drylin R is successfully used in the door guidance mechanism for machine tools.

Door guide of machine tools

Many years of successful cooperation

Numerous different products from igus have been built into the machine tools and machining centres of Niles-Simmons.

CNC-Machining centre

Further application examples for machine tools

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