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Machine encyclopedia

Here you will find an overview of machine types with possible application areas for igus® products.

Passenger boarding bridges

The mechanical movement should run smoothly in passenger boarding bridges. Click here to see the places where igus® products can be used for this purpose.

Injection moulding machines

igus products in use in injection moulding machines

Flat knitting machines

The textile industry is driven by quality, precision and cleanliness. This favors the use of igus® products in flat knitting machines due to their fail safe properties and the complete absence of lubricants.

Large format printers

Since industry has an increasing demand for the use of large format printers or plotters, it is particularly important that these work reliably. The mechanical movement must operate smoothly, in order to avoid extensive downtime.

Cutting systems

The e-chain systems® and chainflex® cables from igus® can ensure high holding times in all cutting machines through a long service life.

CNC machining center for the timber industry

e-chainsystems and chainflex® cables from igus® compel with long service-lives when exposed to chips generated in CNC machining centres.


The use of plastic plain bearings facilitates 8 x longer service life also possible in tractors.