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Material handling: maintenance-free igus® solutions provide for long service life.

igus® products facilitate reliable warehousing. igus® range of solutions include the following:

Innovative e-chains® cable guidance with a long service life

Highly flexible chainflex® cables with a 36 month guarantee

A diverse product range of maintenance-free iglidur® plain bearings made of high-performance polymers

Compact drylin® linear guides

Our e-chains® are used, for example, in pallet storage and retrieval units (SRUs), dynamic automated small parts stores or multishuttle systems. Also when it comes to other intralogistics machines and equipment, such as industrial vehicles, driverless transport systems (DTSs), lifting tables and palletisers, we will find the best possible solution from energy chains, cables and iglidur® plastic bearings. See for yourself our intralogistics solutions!
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All about material handling and intralogistics

See for yourself the quality of our products. The sample box contains the most important igus® products for the sectors of material handling and intralogistics as well as information on typical applications.
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igus® polymer products for intralogistics and material handling

guidelok energy supplies

Safe and reliable cable guides for vertical storage and retrieval units



Easy installation

Low-noise movement

drylin® W  
drylin® W linear guide

Easy installation

Resistant to dirt due to dry operation


Quiet operation

No corrosion

chainflex® cables

36 month chainflex® guarantee

Unharnessed or harnessed

Developed for moving applications

Predictable service life

Various customised bearings made by igus® to your specific requirements  

Your component made to your design in the desired quantity and material

Individual solutions are just as much part of the igus® product range as standard parts. Our experts match the choice of the manufacturing process and the component material precisely to your needs. The right material for your purposes is selected from a wide range of wear-resistant and maintenance-free high-performance polymers.

Checked in the igus® test laboratory for real use

A glimpse into the chainflex® and e-chain® test laboratoryTake a look at our chainflex® and e-chain® test laboratory, where tests are run with 10 billion cycles every year.

xiros® test laboratory

Glimpse into the dry-tech® test laboratoryIn the industry's largest test laboratory, xiros® ball bearings and other products are put through their paces.


Tests in the cold chamberigus® products are tested in the cold chamber at temperatures as low as minus 40 °C. This makes it possible to test the behaviour of high-performance polymers at very low temperatures and guarantee the highest level of reliability and quality. Both energy supplies and chainflex® cables are tested here under extreme conditions, so that they can meet even the most demanding requirements when the time comes.


igus® products successfully deployed in intralogistics

guidelok slimline P in storage systems from SIVAplan GmbH & Co. KG  
After a test phase, SIVAplan has started using the new guidelok system from igus® in series production

The specialist for warehousing systems and material handling, SIVAplan GmbH & Co. KG, relies on energy supplies from igus®, as these are not only lightweight but also save on installation time. SIVAplan purchases the guidelok slimline P energy supplies as readychain® from igus®. This means that the e-chains® are delivered ready to install with long-life chainflex® cables. This means that the great deal of work involved in pulling the cables into the e-chain® and testing the finished component is no longer necessary.

DEMATIC storage retrieval system with igus® guidelok guide trough  
Vertical cable guidance at high speeds in DEMATIC storage and retrieval systems

DEMATIC is a global leader for automated logistics and uses guidelok guide troughs for the small part storage and retrieval unit (SRU), RapidStore ML20, for uninterrupted transfer of energy and data. For the deployment of the igus® guide trough in this SRU, the main consideration is to provide secure, vertical cable guides operating at high speeds and great stroke heights: the system moves at speeds of up to 5 m/s reaching an installation height of up to 20 metres.

motion plastics® for shuttle warehousing systems

  • drylin® SLW in format adjustment:
    maintenance-free, light, ready-to-use system
  • dryspin® lead screw in telescopic mechanism:
    no additional lubrication, modular design, light
  • E2.1 energy supply in telescopic mechanism:
    maintenance-free, improved unsupported length, available as readychain®


LogiMAT 2018: igus® customers in an interview

igus® products for driverless transport systems and scissors lift tables

At the LogiMAT, industry manager Christian Strauch interviewed Gregor Lebernegg, product/sales manager at Knapp, and Bernd Pawlitzky, sales manager at PRO-HUB Hebetechnik GmbH. Experience how autonomous transport vehicles from Knapp benefit from drylin® SLW lead screw lift tables and why PRO-HUB uses iglidur® plain bearings in its scissor lift tables.


Kardex Mlog relies on the readychain® service

In an interview, Martin Schaich, head of product management at Kardex Mlog, explains why the leading manufacturer of logistics and storage and retrieval units relies on igus® products. Durability and reliability play an important role in the automated warehouse solutions from Kardex Mlog. For this reason, the company makes use of the readychain® harnessing: energy chains are supplied ready for use already equipped with cables and connectors.
» Further interviews with igus® customers


The readychain® service provides you with these benefits

Reduce storage locations down to zero

Save up to 95% harnessing time

Reduce assembly time and machine downtime

Delivered ready to install

Professional assembly and installation on site

One system, one part number, one contact person

igus® staff assemble readychain®  

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