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Diagnostic imaging (CT/MRI/X-ray)

Modern medical technology places exacting requirements on all the materials that it uses. And rightly so. After all, the innovations and products in this branch of industry improve patients' quality of life and health or even save people's lives. They are launched on the market in shorter and shorter cycles and are becoming increasingly precise, fast and non-wearing. Medical devices must therefore be safe, function absolutely reliably and provide especially precise results.

Advantages of igus® products in imaging diagnostics:


RBR solutions possible

Without lubrication

Clean and hygienic

Quiet operation

Small bend radii possible

Good friction values, extremely robust

Good resistance to radiation

Diagnostic imaging (CT/MRI/X-ray)

Application examples in imaging diagnostics

For use in the vicinity of MRTs, infusion pumps, wheelchairs or patient couches, for example, are equipped with motion plastics® from igus®, i.e. plastics for dynamic applications. They are also used in X-ray or computer tomography applications. If necessary, motion plastics® can be configured and individually adapted to your particular application with free online tools.

X-ray robot

This newly developed X-ray robot presents a special challenge to energy chains.

Zoom X-Ray detector

Only maintenance-free components can be used in this x-ray application.

X-ray machine

This global innovation can be used to approach a patient in any desired position.

CT scanner

This CT scanner can be used to examine very small animals in vivo.

Screening device

This screening device is used for examination of the female breast.

Examination table 2

This electrically adjustable examination table was also submitted to the manus® contest.

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