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Surgical facilities

Imperviousness to impacts and high loads, good chemical resistance in cleaning processes, as well as the absence of a need for maintenance for the products used ensures that operating theatre devices remain available for use at all times.
Used with igus® energy chains in very small spaces for electric cables and hydraulic pipes, or iglidur® bearings in motors with worm gear for the adjustment of arm and leg supports, as well as linear drives in lifting columns, this is achieved in operating theatre equipment, e.g. tables, lamps, plug-in devices, monitor carriers and medical instruments.
Advantages of igus® products in operating theatre equipment


High resistance to cleaning agents and cleaning processes

Good friction values, low power consumption of mobile devices

Load capacity > 100 MPa possible

Little installation space required for energy supply

Small cable bend radii

Surgical facilities

Application examples in surgical facilities

Mobile operating table

To control andsupply the lying surface area, data and electrical cables, including hydraulic hoses, are run along the column.

Surgical light

The motor-powered swiveling LED wings are adjusted with the aid of iglidur® JVFM-0810-08.

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