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Cost down & tech up
motion plastics for
sports equipment

McFit, Fitness First or Kieser Training - currently, far more than ten million members are working out in German gyms, and the trend is rising. Statistics show that the services used most in gyms are fitness devices for weight training and cardio machines. Always in focus: ergonomic and smooth movements. To adjust sitting position, weights and inclination of the devices, we recommend bearings and linear systems by igus®. They are comfortable to handle and work almost silently. At large sports facilities with several hundred exercise machines, it is especially important that noise generation is minimal. No less important: igus® products are lubrication-free. After all, no gym member wants to get dirty hands or oil marks on their stylish gym outfit. In any case, for professional use exercise machines have to withstand continuous operation on a daily basis, whether they are adjusted manually or electronically at the push of a button. Light, quiet and soft movements ... over and over again and with running performances of several hours a day.

New from April 2020

E4Q e-chain series

Energy supply: save 40% assembly time

▲ Tech up

Tool-free opening and closing

10% less weight due to material removal compared to the E4.1 system

▼ Cost down

40% less assembly and installation time compared to the E4.1 system

Find out more about the E4Q e-chain series
dryspin DST-JGRM

Heavy-duty lead screw nut in a new design

▲ Tech up

Connection sizes identical to conventional ball screws

Available as heavy-duty version with metal plate

▼ Cost down

Cost-effective optimised injection moulded design

Variable design for all threads Ø 14/16 and 18/20

Find out more about dryspin DST-JGRM
drylin W hybrid roller bearings

New hybrid roller bearings with ball bearings

▲ Tech up

Up to four times quieter than metallic bearings due to igus high-performance polymers

▼ Cost down

Cost-effective zinc die-cast housing

Roller bearings without lubrication

More information about drylin W hybrid roller bearings

Advantages of igus® high-performance polymers
for the sports, fitness & rehab industry


  • Maintenance-free dry operation, no grease
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Corrosion-free, easy to clean
  • Absorb vibration
  • Wear-resistant

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igus in exercise machines: manus® application, which has been awarded gold, brings the cross-country skiing trail to your home

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See for yourself the quality of our products. The iglidur improves sample box contains:

  • 39 iglidur® plain bearings made of the most important iglidur materials 
  • Templates for finding the perfect material for your application
  • iglidur bearing technology catalogue with information about our plain bearings

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drylin® linear technology

drylin® linear technology

iglidur® bearings

iglidur® bearings

  • Maintenance-free dry operation
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Absorb vibration

igubal® spherical bearings

igubal® spherical bearings

  • Compensation for misalignment
  • Corrosion-free, easy to clean
  • High load capacity

Various customised bearings made by igus® to your specific requirements

Your component made to your design in the desired quantity and material

Individual solutions are just as much part of the igus® product range as standard parts. Our experts match the choice of the manufacturing process and the component material precisely to your needs. The right material for your purposes is selected from a wide range of wear-resistant and maintenance-free high-performance polymers.

Application areas of the drylin® and iglidur® product range

The most popular exercise machines for weight training include leg curl and extension and butterfly and latissimus traction. Here, drylin® W linear guides and iglidur® bearings reliably perform their service. This way, the linear guide allows for simple and almost silent adjustment of the height of the pad for leg training. Double profiles and carriages can be mounted quickly and because of the lubrication-free operation, absolutely no maintenance is required. For all bearing sites in the butterfly and latissimus training tower, iglidur® G- and M250 bearings are perfect. They are recommended for every joint in the motion sequence. No matter where they are installed, they are corrosion-resistant, never squeak and last a lifetime.

Leg curler and extension
Butterfly and latissimus training tower
Butterfly and latissimus training tower

If you would like to work on your cardio-vascular system, the rowing machine is perfect for you. Both rotating and pivoting joints can be adjusted ideally with igus® bearings – silent and without maintenance. The drylin® linear guide systems that are installed in rowing machines are completely lubrication-free and can therefore be used in open applications. Their double-shaft aluminium profile offers high torsion resistance at a low weight. Linear bearings ensure frictionless, quiet sliding of the seat.

Rowing machine
Rowing machine
Rowing machine

Used products

The ideal sitting position also plays a crucial role with cardio machines such as home trainers or ergometers – only then can you avoid straining the knee joint, for example. Whether by hand or via chip card control, seat distances and height adjustments of grips and displays are made in seconds and tailored to your specific need. With its profiles and complete carriages or single linear bearings, the drylin® W linear guide offers the ideal construction kit for each construction and every design. For electrical adjustments specifically, igus® energy chains and cables ensure failsafe operation in every installation space, even with the tightest bending radii.

drylin® linear technology cardio machines – adjustment of seat, screen and grip

Seat adjustment
Display adjustment of the cardio machine
Grip adjustment of the cardio machine

Used products

iglidur® bearings in cardio machines – saddle adjustment and in the pedal

Saddle adjustment
Bearings in the pedal

Used products

With bearings and linear systems by igus®, the professional models are equipped with the mechanical requirements to withstand these loads in the long term. The robust machine elements provide security and reliability for many years without failures. After all, there is nothing more annoying for the operators and members of a gym than faulty machines in the training area. Whether linear guides or bearings – igus® offers all components of traditional drive technology as lubrication-free version. They are based on technical plastics that do not require lubrication. The type of movement, which is simpler compared to circulating steel balls, decreases operating noises and weight while reducing costs by 40%.

igus® products are successfully used in the sports, fitness & rehab industries

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