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drylin® - Advantages in industries

Insensitive to dirt and dust

drylin® linear bearings offer the ultimate dirt and dust resistance. As external lubricants are dispensed with, dirt particles cannot get stuck in oil or grease residues. If they are on the guideway, they are removed from the track by the plastic gliding element that acts like a wiper. The lack of seals enables the gliding elements to even conduct the dirt through the bearing via channels and thus minimize pressure build-up in front of the bearing. If the liners get worn out due to extremely dirty conditions, these can be easily replaced in all systems.

drylin® in the harshest of environments


Welding gun


Parting unit with talcum powder

Clean and hygenic

drylin® linear guides work with plastic gliding elements instead of balls. Because, these are iglidur® high-performance polymers which integrate dry lubricants in the polymer. Compared to roller guides, this enables a lubricant-free operation and gives guarantee to the user that machine parts or products to be packaged will not be contaminated by oil.

Vacuum pressure casting machine with drylin® W feeder


Beverage can emptying device


Pizza machine

Corrosion- and chemicalresistant

drylin® linear guides offer pure stainless steel solutions in several subassemblies. There, particularly the materials 1.4301, 1.4305, 1.4408 and 1.4571 – generally designated as VA – are used. These soft stainless steels are among the most chemically resistant metals and can be easily used as linear guides along with iglidur® J or iglidur® X gliding elements.

Blister machine feeding system


Plant for the manufacture of die-casting molds


Offshore drilling riser