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Linear technology by igus®

Maintenance-free and versatile

The maintenance-free linear technology by igus® works completely without lubrication and is therefore extremely robust. In addition, they run especially quietly thanks to the materials used and the special design involved.
As a producer of linear technology, igus's main focus in addition to zero maintenance and lubrication are strength and resistance to dirt, moisture, chemicals, heat and impact. Configure your individual linear technology online in only a few steps and save up to 40% costs.
In addition, the service life calculation of the drylin configurator tool gives you a high degree of planning security for your linear application.

The versatility of drylin® linear technology

drylin® w linear technology by igus®

Profile guides

drylin® W

Buy profile guides here
drylin N low-profile linear guide

Low-profile guide system

drylin® N

Purchase low-profile guide system here
drylin T linear guide with linear carriage

Rail guide

drylin® T

  • Fast alternative to ball guides
  • Identical connector and hole dimensions
  • Automatic clearance adjustment
  • High static load capacity
  • Adjustable bearing clearance
  • More information on rail guides

Purchase rail guide here
drylin R shaft guide

Shaft guides

drylin® R

Purchase shaft guides here
drylin Q linear square guide

Square linear guides

drylin® Q

Buy square linear guides here
drylin NT telescopic rail guide

Telescopic rails

drylin® NT

Buy telescopic rails here

Why choose drylin® linear technology?

drylin linear technology is robust

drylin® linear guides can cope with high temperatures, strong vibrations and more

drylin linear technology is dirt-resistant

Resistant to dirt
drylin® linear guides can be deployed even in applications involving sand, swarf and dust

drylin is corrosion-resistant

Corrosion-free and media-resistant for deployment under water

drylin linear technology is light

Up to 75% lighter thanks to high-performance polymers

drylin linear technology is especially quiet

Around four times quieter than equivalent linear bearings made of metal

drylin linear technology is especially hygienic

All systems operate without external lubrication and are extremely clean

Configure linear technology correctly

With the drylin® linear guide expert you can configure and order or enquire about your entire linear system individually - in only a few steps. The information on service life gives you a high degree of planning security for your linear application.

Configure linear technology
Configure linear technology

Application examples from the manufacturer of linear technology

More information on drylin® linear technology

drylin news catalogue 2018

News 2018

All new igus® products for 2018 in one catalogue.

igus test laboratory drylin linear technology


More than 500 experiments per year in the 250m² large test laboratory.


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