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drylin® - lift/swivel unit HSQ

The drylin® lift/swivel unit is based on a rack and pinion drive with coated aluminium- 4-edge profile as well as a round table element with integrated toothing for accommodating the toothed belt. The mounting of the two directions of movement is done with bearing elements made of iglidur® high-performance polymers and is completely lubrication and maintenance-free. The combination of plastic and aluminium ensures an extremely easy assembly and can be configured ready to install with a drylin® E stepper motor.

Toothed, hard-coated, corrosion resistant square hollow section

Toothed, hard-coated, corrosion resistant square hollow section

Modular design

Drive: NEMA11 stepper motor

Typical application areas:Laboratory and analytical technology, gripper systems, pick & place systems, medical technology, ...

Lift/swivel unit HSQ

Product range lift/swivel unit

Dimensions [mm]

Part No. F
vL vR Lmax
H1 (H2)
(H3) E1 E2 E3 Q tg
HSQ-10-1440-… 300 0,5 0,4 200 168 177 72 40 89 67 36 16 140 7,5 5,3 10  Enquiries

Order example
(incl. stepper motor NEMA17/11 with strand)
(incl. stepper motor NEMA17/11 with encoder)
Further motors on request/suitable initiators available

Connecting plate for pneumatic grippers

Dimensions (mm)

Part No. Q ls L H B B1 B d B3 B4 d1
STZ-Q10-01-AM 7,5 15 19 25 45 27 12 4 30,5 10 3,5


Initiating trigger incl. cylindrical pin for triggering

Dimensions (mm)

Part No. B A H A1 Q
Q10-IA-01 7 28,5 13 12,8 7,5


Usually dispatched within 2 working days drylin® E – "E" as in electric

The consistent development of the toolbox and system concept of the lubrication-free drylin® drive technology.

Usually dispatched within 2 working days