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drylin® T - Automatic clearance adjustment

In drylin® T Automatic, the bearing clearance is automatically adjusted. A re-adjustment during operation can take place automatically in steps of 0.1 mm. The carriage must be unloaded for this purpose.


This is how it's done:

In the delivery condition, three red keys are already inserted into their assigned openings. These are necessary for mounting the carriage on the rail. In case these keys have been removed, they need to be re-inserted into the openings till the stop dog and then turned 90° clockwise to fix them. The camber of the glide bar is canceled.

If the carriage is on the rail, turn the keys 90° anticlockwise and remove them. The clearance adjusts itself automatically.

Test the clearance of the carriage by easy to and fro movements. A fine adjustment can be undertaken with this process.

A dismantling of the carriage is possible anytime. For this purpose the keys should be put back into the assigned openings (see Step 1).