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drylin® econ ready-to-install entry-level series

With the econ, igus® defines the cost-effective maintenance-free entry-level models of the drylin® linear axes. There are models in almost every product line and installation size, either with a lead screw or toothed belt. The econ series is characterised by cost-effective components produced via injection moulding, anodised aluminium profiles and a fast assembly. drylin® econ models are he perfect alternative to complex in-house solutions for simple adjustment tasks.

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drylin® econ miniature module SLN – small and fast


  • Slim, narrow design
  • Lead screw mounted on plain bearings with metric thread or dryspin® high helix thread
  • Feed rate of up to 25 mm per rotation

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drylin® econ lead screw module SLTP


  • Developed with 3D printing, produced cost-effectively thanks to injection moulding
  • Very fast assembly due to few components
  • Carriage with a lot of fastening options

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drylin® econ linear module SLWP – robust in 2 sizes


  • Flat and torsionally stable
  • Lead screw with self-locking trapezoidal or metric thread
  • Fast adjustment due to dryspin® high helix thread

drylin® econ toothed belt axis ZLW – light and fast


  • Lightweight due to use of plastic and aluminium
  • Variable attachments
  • Individual stroke lengths and sizes 

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drylin® econ flat linear robot DLE-FG – for predefined surfaces


  • Linear robot based on econ toothed belt axes
  • For a workspace of 500 x 500 mm
  • Ready to connect with NEMA stepper motors

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Configure custom lead screw linear system online

  • Customise your linear system in just a few steps
  • Optional configuration of an individual drive pin
  • Automatic generation of a 3D model of the linear system
  • Export of the linear system in many different 2D and 3D formats
  • 2D dimensional drawing of the module as a PDF
  • Download parts list as PDF file
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Frequently asked questions about the drylin® econ range

What is a drylin® econ linear system?

The econ drive system is a cost-effective module designed as an alternative to complicated in-house solutions. 

What would you use a drylin® econ system for?

These modules are ideal for simple adjustment tasks. 

Why would you use a drylin® econ system?

If you want a lightweight, cost-effective and lubrication-free system then this is ideal for you. 

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