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drylin® telescopic rails

drylin® NT telescopic rails

Completely lubrication-free linear extendables in stroke lengths from 100mm to 600mm. The telescopic rails consists of anodised aluminium guide rails and a sliding block of the tried-and-tested iglidur® material. iglidur tribopolymers enable a dry operation in every application due to their compounded solid lubricants. One benefit of the telescopic rails - in addition to being maintenance-free - is that they can be safely used in clean hygienic environments. No oil or grease can be transferred to other products, clothing or persons. Even applications in cleanroom sluices have already been implemented with the help of telescopic rails. But the dry run also has its advantages in dirty environments. Dirt particles do not get stuck in the guide and are not compacted into a sticky mass. Optionally, all telescopic rails can be delivered with a grid in the start-middle-end position. Requirements by individually positioned indexing positions can be met with telescopic rails.

Telescopic rail  

Robust plastic/aluminium version





Total extension NT-35-"L"
Total extension NT-60-"L"

Over-extension NT-35-"L"-"L+20"
Over-extension NT-60-"L"-"Lmax.+20"
Partial extension NT-35-"L"-"B"
Partial extension NT-60-"L"-"B"

Recommendation: The calculated Fmax facilitates an easy manual operation. Higher loads can be carried by the system, but then a higher driving power is required.

Product range
Part No.:
Dimensions [mm]
part number b H L. min. L. max.
 NT-35-150 35 19 150 150 Upon request 
 NT-35-200 35 19 200 200 Upon request 
 NT-35-300 35 19 300 300 Upon request 
 NT-60-200 60 24 200 200 Upon request 
 NT-60-300 60 24 300 300 Upon request 
 NT-60-400 60 24 400 400 Upon request 
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