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igus® Ltd.

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Northampton, NN4 7PW

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Pedal pump

Pump reliably

This pump is used to pump water from small tube wells in developing countries. The pump consists of two concrete bodies with imbedded cylinders and two pistons that are actuated by pedals. Both pedals are connected via tilt mechanism. The previous bearing points of the pump consist of simple bolt and pin connections. High surface pressure inside the boreholes and alternating stress are the reasons for a quick worn out of the bearings and the pump failure. In order to solve this problem, the creators counted on iglidur® clip bearings for the bolt connections and igubal® clip spherical bearings from igus® for the tilt mechanism.

Pedal pump_01
Pedal pump_02
Pedal pump_03

Förderkreis Leben braucht Wasser e.V., Thomas Heilig, Seckach, Germany

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