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igus® Ltd.

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Northampton, NN4 7PW

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A cleaning rod with rotatable handle to clean weapons: It needs to be supported smoothly so that the brushes can follow the twist of the turns and fields in the barrel. Two collar bushings made of the material iglidur® M250 are used to support the rod axially and radially in the grip. The protection of the sensitive muzzle can be ensured by suitable collar bushings. Conventionally used ball bearings are expensive and require precise bearing seats. They need to absorb forces in radial and axial directions, they are sensitive to shock, and are not resistant against cleaning agents. The bushes form igus® have several pluses: They are resistant against chemicals and pollution and have an almost unlimited lifetime. The requirements for the bearing sets are minor, they balance tolerances, and they are cheaper than rolling bearings. They absorb impacts and do not create noise during operation. The cleaning rod rotates very evenly. An excellent surface feel and visual appearance can be achieved by the free selection of the grip material (aluminium, stainless steel).

A cleaning rod with rotatable handle

BORE AND MORE, Claus Florschütz, Bayreuth, Germany

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