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igus® Ltd.

Caswell Road

Northampton, NN4 7PW

01604 677240

Mechanical engineering

The Küppersbush GmbH manufactures among other things semi-automatic metering units. They allow for the filling of liquids into different containers. Many of them require filling below surface level during this procedure, or a rotating filling pipe, to minimize foam formation as well as air turbulences. Various hydro-pneumatic lifting devices have been used for the procedure. Due to the high effort for the production and the functional limitation, alternatives have always been searched. With the use of a stainless steel multiturn spindle (Type PTGSG) with fitting thread nut (Typ JRFM) from the igus® program, the desired position can now be reached with variable speeds via numeric control. Because of being lubrication- and corrosion-free, the lifting column can now be applied in the food- and chemical industry. Also in use are aluminium shafts with plastic bearings of the type AWMP and FJUM. Due to the weight-reduction of the main shaft of about 75% compared with a rust-free steel shaft, the motor of the feed spindle could be lowered in its dimensions. This reduces the load of the spindle nut and a higher travel speed is possible.

Metering units

Küppersbusch GmbH, Klaus Voigt, Velbert, Germany

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