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igus® Ltd.

Caswell Road

Northampton, NN4 7PW

01604 677240


“fruitcore” develops and manufactures the 6 axis articulated arm robot “HORST” for industrial low-cost applications. It uses an innovative mechanical structure to realize motion sequences and power transmission of the second and third main axis via a moveable framework. Plain bearings from igus® are installed at the joint positions, igus® thrust washers and also igus® hollow shafts. “HORST” won the product of the year 2016 award in the area of assembly, handling and robot technology because of the new kinematics. The demands: The bearing position needs to be as compact as possible and lightweight to be able to lower the construction size and – above all – to keep the moved masses small. Partly because high forces are guided via the framework, the bearing has an inherent stability to withstand the loads. Friction is also an important consideration in order to have as few losses as possible during power transmission. The use of plain bearing systems in an entirely new strategy with respect to multi-axis articulated arm robot technology. This patent applied technology can only be realized by the use of compact and lightweight plain bearings, which is offered by igus®.

articulated robot

Frey Riegger Kuentzle Schmiedl GbR / fruitcore, Jens Riegger, Konstanz, Germany

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