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Underwater technology

Wireless and autonomous

“NOA Sentinel” is the name of a system for under water data collection. It is based on the “NOA Drone Technology”, which is used within the frame of “BONUS” , an international program for research and development of the Baltic Sea. “NOA Sentinel” is the cheapest wireless and autonomous system worldwide, and provides numerous additional advantages: High thrust power and therefore high load capacity, improved manoeuvrability and prevention of rotating parts are only some of them. A technical highlight: The “Cephalopod Propeller” that follows a natural example, the cephalopod. Conventional bearings do not come into question for use in such a sensible environment as the Baltic Sea. Ongoing corrosion flushes out lubricants from for example steel bearings, which burden the ecosystem. Long-time tests with lubrication-free iglidur® PEPSM bearings are the optimal solution for this innovative data collection system.

Underwater technology

NOA Sp. z o.o., Michał Latacz, Krakow, Poland

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