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Apiro: the modular drive gear box system

Individual applications can be implemented with the drygear® Apiro modular drive gearbox system in an extremely modular and cost-effective manner. Possible applications can be in packaging, food, medical and many other industries. Lane adjustments, pusher tasks, gearboxes with different gear ratios, slewing rings and rotary axes can be used there. The modular gearbox system can be motorised or used for manual adjustments.  
The Apiro modular system offers different gear ratios but also length variants, so that there are endless possibilities for combinations and applications.
Would you like more information about the Apiro® modular drive gearbox system? Our experts will be happy to get in touch with you.

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The modular drive gearboxes and components at a glance

Gearbox with drive pin

Robot gearbox with drive pin
  • The standard version among the Apiro gearboxes:
  • The gearbox with drive pin enables a direct drive connection.  
  • Available gear ratios: 4:1, 32:1, 64:1,
  • Optionally also: 3:1, 5:1, 8:1, 16:1
  • Output torque 2.5Nm
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Gearbox with multi-functional profile

Gearbox with multi-functional profile
  • The multi-functional profile allows series connections of gears to be implemented
  • They can be used as spacings of elements or products can be regulated.
  • This combination is often used for applications in the food or packaging industry.
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Gearbox with rotary disc

Gearbox with rotary disc
  • This gearbox is particularly suitable for slewing ring applications
  • It can also be used as a rotary axis.
  • For example, it can be used in laboratory automation.
  • Low clearance
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Gearbox with coupling

Gearbox with coupling
  • The coupling can be used to attach various shafts with a maximum diameter of 12 millimetres.
  • An exemplary application is the adaptation to linear axes.
  • Motor drive or manual drive
  • INI kit available for all options
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Cantilever axes

Cantilever axes
  • The linear gearbox enables different strokes in the application.
  • Rack and pinion elements included.
  • Configurable in different lengths
  • Optionally available with an integrated planetary gear.
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  • The drygear Apiro accessories allow different installation options for vertical, axial horizontal movements
  • Accessories such as vertical flange, horizontal plate, axial options. 
  • Matching linear systems
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Installation instructions drygear Apiro

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Design your own modular gearbox system

 1. Describe your individual application The modular gearbox system enables a wide range of automation applications with simple and complex motion sequences.  
2. We select the optimal components for you Our experts will find the optimal solution for you with as few components as possible.
3. Easy installation The gearbox construction kit is modular in design, so that different kinematics can be implemented by simply plugging them together  
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Versatile and flexible applications with modular drive gearbox systems

For simple and complicated movements

Cost-effective modular gearbox system with durable components

Apiro modular drive gearbox system
  • Worm gear with tribologically optimised material compounds
  • Motor drive or manual drive
  • Modules can be connected in series or in parallel 
  • INI kit available for all options
  • 85%, non-condensing
  • Application temperature: +5°C to +50°C
  • Suitable for splash water applications
  • Couplings available
  • Lightweight
  • Lubrication-free
  • Low clearance
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drygear® Apiro STEP file

Assembly instructions

Instruction: Cantilever axis
Instruction: Multi-functional profile
Instruction: Cantilever axis with drive pin

iDeaS for gearbox setups

20 new application examples for robotic modular gearbox systems

iDeas templates for easy rebuilding

The Apiro® robotic modular gearbox system is now available with 20 new iDeas templates so that you can easily recreate structures yourself.
Three steps to the finished gearbox
1. Select an automation solution
2. Download parts lists and CAD data
3. Simply recreate the automation solution
For Apiro ideas

Apiro® starter kit

Apiro® starter kit

One robot gear set for eight systems

Apiro® (Greek for "infinite") modular robot gearbox system, now available as a starter kit. Instructions help you assemble your own robot.
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