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adapter Module Connect Standard version: black (other colours available on request)

Adapter for an easy connection of the energy chain

Module connect adapter - Saves assembly time

The new module connect adapter is specially designed to make the connection of the interface concept, module connect, and the energy chain with the cables inside it even easier. The harnessed e-chain is an interconnected system and can be installed directly.
The e-chain and the module connect are standardised.  Depending on the chain series, chain width and number of Module Connect connectors,  a matching chain adapter is produced using 3D printing. (The possibility of a plastic injection moulding can also be explored.) The adapter is simply assembled to the Module Connect and can be attached to the chain using the snap-in mechanism .
As a result, the entire assembly of a readychain standard including Module Connect is an interconnected system, i.e. pin assignment and cable lengths are clearly defined.

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Tech up

Tech up

  • Mounting without additional sheet metal parts
  • Flexible: simple clip fastening for wall and floor
  • Safe: integrated strain relief and seal
  • Suitable: Configure the interface by combining individual housings into one connector

Cost down

Cost down

  • Save 80% assembly time
  • Ready-to-install assemblies optimise handling
  • For service: unplug it, plug it back in, and that's all there is to it





  • Existing igus energy supply systems can be supplemented
  • Adapters from 3D printing process are suitable for chain width and chain height

Fast assembly

For this purpose, we have developed the Module Connect adapter

Wherever fast reaction times are required, e.g in the event of a fault  the Module Connect adapter ensures fast connection of the energy supply system and avoids long downtimes.
For example in an automatic parking system, where the customer leaves his car for parking. The car is weighed and measured by the system and automatically moved into a suitable parking position.
If there is a downtime due to a cable break in the e-chain or a leakage in the pneumatic hose, for example, every service technician should be able to disconnect the defective energy chain and connect a new, harnessed energy chain. With the adapter this is possible quickly and easily - without the need for basic electronic knowledge.  
Module Connect adapters are not only used in automatic parking systems and ensure fast maintenance, but also in production or pharmacy systems and wherever energy supply systems need to be plugged in.

Automatic parking system

Flexibility through modularity

The modular interface: Module Connect

Request: Module Connect adapter

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Request the Module Connect Adapter now
Please let us know your requirements and we will develop your individual interface with the appropriate adapter depending on the chain series, width and number of Module Connect connectors.

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Module Connect

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ONE interface for connecting the energy supply system
Module Connect can be adapted to the filling and geometry of your e-chain® and enables ideal cabling in terms of function and design for every application.

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readychain complete system

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Do you need a complete energy supply system? 
igus® takes responsibility for the entire procurement process - from the purchase of all necessary components to the assembly of the ready-to-install system. Save up to 95% harnessing time!

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