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On-demand manufacturing

On-demand manufacturing allows for customers that require customisation of specific parts to have the flexibilty for this.This ensures specific requirements can be achieved for any application. Our manufacturing capabilites include, 3D printing (additive manufacturing, SLS, FDM, DLP, rapid tooling, multi-material printing), injection moulding, CNC machining, and bespoke pre-harnessed energy chain systems. Source custom parts to your exact specification with igus®.

3D printing

We offer 3D printing in several high-performance and wear-resistant materials. We also offer various methods of manufacturing to ensure we cater to your exact requirements. 
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Complete harnessed systems

Custom energy supply systems manufactured to your requirements and designed to be installed directly and ready to use.

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Injection moulding

A vast majority of igus® catalogue products are manufactured through injection moulding.

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CNC machining

Machining custom components from stock material. Customised parts made simple.

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Our on-demand manufacturing capabilities in more depth

3D printing

3D printing is a quick and easy method of manufacturing, which like CNC machining is ideal for small quantities. Using igus® filaments allows the 3D printed parts to be used as fully working wear parts. Thanks to the same technology used in the injection moulded granules and stock material, the 3D filaments offer the same long lasting, hard wearing elements as the other plastics. This is highly beneficial when tasked with recreating obsolete parts. We also offer print2mold which is a combination of 3d printing and injection moulding, 3d printed moulding tool which injection moulds the desired parts. This is a cost-effective way of injection moulding smaller batches than typically would be injection moulded and is not only cheaper but can produce injection moulded parts quicker.

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Complete harnessed systems

 A readychain® is an igus® manufactured assembly consisting of both industrial energy chain systems and the services that are required to run through it, including flexible cables, pneumatics and hydraulic hoses. They are assembled to support a variety of automation, industry-based tehcnology including harnessed fibre-optics, bus systems and drive technology. readychain® is a problem-solving solution, uniquely designed and manufactured to specific customer requirements, ready to be installed directly. We can support highly complex requirements including additional metalwork and specialised delivery needs. We also provide on-site and remote support for design and specification.
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Injection moulding

The majority of the standard components that we sell are injection moulded. These are ideal for high volume production batches hence the reason this is the main production source for igus® components. At our head office we have over 800 of injection moulded machines manufacturing parts designed for movement. We have been developing specialist materials which complement our “motion plastics” notion for nearly 60 years and now use these materials to create millions of components every year. All we need for any of these methods is a drawing, an idea of the application. This allows us to establish the best material for the part. We need an idea of quantity, prototype or production, this will also help us decide on the correct method of manufacturing.

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CNC machining

Our CNC machining capabilities make the non-standard possible. From
turned, milled, routed or drilled components, we are able to offer a wide
range of machining options to bring your design to life. These methods of
machining components are ideal for low volumes such as prototypes or samples and thanks to the variation of sizes, materials and material types, machining bespoke components is simple.
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CAD library

Our CAD tool gives you access to 2D/3D CAD data in several formats. This library is filled with a large range of standard catalogue part and is very simple to navigate.  Alternatively, you can directly transfer data into your CAD application using our Click2CAD Toolbox.
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Frequently asked questions

What is on-demand manufacturing?

On-demand manufacturing is where manufacturers produce a product based specifically on the customers specifications.

What is bespoke manufacturing?

Bespoke manufacturing is when an organisation manufacturer a customised product based on a customer’s specification. igus® offer several services applicable to custom manufacturing, including 3D printing and harnessed systems.

How does CNC machining work?

CNC machining is a method of manufacturing parts using specialised computer software within a machine. These CNC machines can produce turned, milled, routed or lasered custom components as individual quantities or large production parts. The program is set by an operator based on the drawing and the machine does the rest. Because of the set-up cost, smaller quantities can be costly and in these situations, 3D printed parts might be a more cost-effective method of manufacturing.

What software do I need for 3d printing?

Your printer should come with software that allows you to set the parameters for printing with any materials, including the igus® materials. To avoid worrying about software, you can get igus® to print it for you. Simply drag and drop your drawing into the online tool.

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