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Tech up & Cost down now with PRT slewing ring bearings

Determine your personal savings potential NOW*
With your PRT slewing ring bearing expert, Stefan Loockmann-Rittich

"Savings can be in time or money spent on installation, selection, design etc., or in technical improvements such as ease of installation, durability etc. If we are unable to cite any savings or technical improvement, we recommend an alternative solution. “

Tech up, Cost down with PRT plastic slewing ring bearings

Always the most cost-effective slewing ring bearing that works.
With igus PRT slewing ring bearings.

Overengineering is a thing of the past. The best slewing ring bearing need not be the most expensive.
Determine the PRT with the best price-performance ratio for your application in a flash.


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Calculate service life quickly and easily online

In just a few minutes, determine how long our PRT slewing ring bearings will last in your application – and then select the slewing ring bearing with the best price-performance ratio. Individually designed for your application.  

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▲ Tech up


Reduce installation space by up to 50%

Drives and movements in a small installation space are a requirement that we encounter in many areas of application. The PRT-04 requires 50% less installation space than the PRT-01 does. The installation height has been halved, offering even more design freedom.  Smooth rotary and pivoting movements are thus possible even in small installation spaces.

Reduce installation space now with PRT-04
Weight saving of up to 60%

Save up to 60% weight

The PRT-04 not only saves you installation space, but also weighs up to 60% less than the PRT-01, the predecessor model. This property is an advantage wherever weight reduction plays a role, such as in hanging or moving applications.

▼ Cost down


Costs up to 30% less

The PRT-04 slewing ring bearing with plastic sliding elements not only weighs less and has a lower installation height than its predecessor, but also costs up to 30% less.

Costs up to 30% less than the predecessor model

No lubrication necessary

Our PRT slewing ring bearings require not a drop of lubricating oil. This benefits not only our users, but also the environment. In addition, our tribologically optimised materials produce less abrasion, as a result of which less energy is needed.

Tribologically optimised plastics at igus®


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