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drylin® W - hybrid roller bearing

With the unique combination of lubrication-free plain and roller bearings, igus® offers a particularly smooth and cost-effective solution for linear guides. The technology, which is ideal for manual adjustments, enables a silent operation with applications such as machine doors, protective doors and moveable control panels. Due to the integrated rollers, low drive forces with a friction value of 0.1 µ can be achieved. The sliding elements made of iglidur® plastic absorb lateral and misuse forces. The roller bearings perfectly match various hard-anodised aluminium profiles from the drylin® W linear system.

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Roller bearing options

Roller bearing carriages

roller bearing carriages

  • Linear carriages with combined and plain and roller bearings
  • With single or double roller bearings
  • Particularly light running also with high loads

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Roller bearing

roller bearing

  • Sliding elements made of iglidur® J or J200
  • Housings made from aluminium, stainless steel or zinc die-casting
  • Optimal bearing load in roller direction

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Double roller bearings

double roller bearing

  • Housing made of zinc die-casting
  • Sliding element iglidur® J
  • Roller arrangement of 70° or 80° also allows lateral drives

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Roller bearings 2:1 rule

Information on how the 2:1 ratio rule works

With standard igus® bearings there is a  2:1 rule which has to be applied. If the rule is not adhered to then the carriage will lock onto the rail. 
The 2:1 rule simply means that if the distance between the driving force point and the fixed bearings is more than twice the bearing spacing (2:1) a static coefficient of friction of 0.25 can theoretically result in jamming/locking
With our hybrid Rollers the 2:1 rule no longer applies and the ratio is extended to a 5:1 ratio. This is due to the reduced coefficient of friction the roller provides. We also offer a ball bearing version of these roller bearings,which further reduces the coefficient of friction to a 10:1 ratio.

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Frequently asked questions about drylin® roller bearings

What are roller bearings?

drylin® roller bearings use 2 different technologies, linear and roller technology. This is unlike classic roller bearings. 

Why would you use igus® drylin® roller bearings?

The additional liners installed in the carriage give the hybrid roller bearings more grip and stability, and weight is transmitted to the shaft more evenly. This extends the service life of shaft and rollers and allows greater maximum loads. 

Where would you use roller bearings? 

There are multiple applications for using drylin® roller bearings. Applications whrere there is a requirement to reduce displacement resistance, sliding doors, machine guides as some examples.

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Applications using drylin® roller bearings

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