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Spherical insert bearings

Cost-effective & easy to assemble

Maintenance-free igubal® spherical insert bearings for metallic pillow block and fixed flange bearings. Due to their resistance to corrosion, dirt and dust, these spherical balls can increase the operating times of your applications: especially in dirty environments, the service life is up to eight times higher than with ball bearings.

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Types of spherical balls

Injection-moulded spherical insert bearings

Injection-moulded spherical insert bearing

Cost-effective, injection-moulded spherical insert bearings from igubal are available for UC7P metal housings with the dimensions 203-210.

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Machined spherical insert bearings

Machined spherical insert bearing

Spherical insert bearings for even higher loads. The missing recesses result in significantly higher resistance to dirt as well.

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Spherical balls with housing

Spherical insert bearing with pillow block bearing with cast iron housing

Cast iron housing with spherical ball

Solid maintenance-free steel housing in sizes UC204-206, UC208 and UC210.
Also available as two-hole and four-hole fixed flange bearing.

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Spherical insert bearing with pillow block bearing with sheet metal housing

Low-cost sheet metal housing bearing with spherical ball

Cost-effective sheet metal housing bearing in sizes P204-208. Also available as two-hole fixed flange bearing.

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No lubricant necessary


No lubricant required! The self-lubricating spherical balls ensure a maintenance-free dry operation.


Sealed against dirt

No ingress of dirt and dust. Protects the bearing against wear.

Corrosion-free igubal® spherical insert bearings


Unlike metal, polymer spherical balls do not corrode and are suitable for use in water and media.

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