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Control cable for extremely narrow bending radii

Machine and production downtimes have now come to an end

Hamburg: Passenger compartment entry/exit doors in public transport vehicles

In the second example, the Hamburg HOCHBAHN AG in their DT4 subway vehicles of the 1st and 2nd type series, a clamp detection is installed later in the pneumatically operated passenger doors. There are 50 vehicles and four carriages with a total of 800 double sliding plug doors. The average number of opening/closing operations per year and per door is around 50,000 Due to buckling movements in the area of the pivot bearing, initial problems developed with a copper-based cable in an operation period of 6 months, which prompted the HOCHBAHN to look for an alternative cable. The chainflex® CF98 control cable presents a potential solution. The alloyed cable used here is softer in its molecular structure and therefore is not inclined to embrittlement during bending load; the operating time increases. The control cable accomplished 450,000 door cycles without any interruption and error message at the HOCHBAHN rig testing. All vehicles were retrofitted thereupon in the course of the past year. No more failures were recorded since then. From the positive results of the rig testing, the HOCHBAHN - inspite of the high stressing capacities on the cables in the pivot bearing area - can have a minimum trouble-free operation time of 20 years.

Chainflex® Control cable for narrow bending radii. Application potentials are available, among others, in the monitoring of closing edges of automatic doors in public transport

Energy supply systems are in the forefront of technology in mechanical and plant engineering and in the handling technology. Today even narrow bending radii do not pose any problems. igus® developed complete energy chain systems as answer to the multifaceted problems. chainflex® cables and energy supply systems are offered as a single-source supply and according to application with system guarantee. The control cable chainflex® CF98 plays off its strengths for instance in narrow installation spaces and corresponding bending radii.

Control cable Hamburg Hochbahn: It meets extremely cramped installation conditions on site. The energy supply system and the control cable for narrow bending radii encounter no problems with around 50,000 opening/closing operations every year. Its service life is almost unlimited.

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