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igus® Ltd.

Caswell Road

Northampton, NN4 7PW

01604 677240

Yacht systems

Special prize for a truly unique yacht concept The first variable-width high-sea catamaran has been built using igus® components. These double-hull boots always need two adjacent berths in the harbour – which is very expensive and usually impossible to book in the peak season. Craning is extremely difficult, since there are hardly any systems with a minimum width of eight metres available. Thanks to a patent-protected innovative, the width of high-sea catamarans has now been able to be reduced to 4.85 metres enabling them to use the infrastructures of single-hull ships in the harbour. A combination of e-chains® of the series E04 and linear guides from the drylin® family from igus® offer all the necessary characteristics to deal with the torsion load and realise adjustment perfectly.
FUTURA Yachtsystems Entwicklungs GmbH & Co KG, Gerhard Euchenhofer, Wannweil, Germany

Yacht systems
Yacht systems
Yacht systems

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