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drylin® QLA | Telescopic actuator | Electric; NEMA17, lead screw motor

  • Manual or electric adjustment with telescopic guide
  • Drive: NEMA17 lead screw motor with or without encoder
  • Max. extension length: 300mm
  • Max. compressive strength 100N
Product description
The new drylin® linear module with telescopic drylin® Q guide is suitable for manual as well as electronic adjustment. This unit delivers lubrication-free and maintenance-free operation to all applications where push and pull forces are transferred. In folding mechanisms, for angle adjustments of monitors, mirrors or inspection cameras as well as clamping elements.
  • Extension lengths up to 300mm
  • Max. compressive strength 100N
  • Unsupported installation
  • Ready to connect with drylin® E motor kits
Typical application areas: textile industry, actuators, windows, rehabilitation technology, lane adjustments, inspection technology, medical and pharmaceutical technology
Further strokes and other special solutions are possible upon request.
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