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autoglide 5 - steel cable floor guide - complete set | Travel 10 - 60m

1 complete set consists of:
+ energy chain
+ individual parts AG5 and AG
+ separators every 2nd link, pre-assembled
+ track holder for AG
+ upper run guide
+ mounting brackets for moving end
+ steel wire cable
+ cable tensioning unit
+ fixed end module
+ installation instructions
Product description
The autoglide 5 system for intralogistics and crane systems transfers energy, data, liquids and air in one system safely and almost maintenance-free, and this at a cost-effective price.

  • Assembly times 88% shorter than those for the conventional standard solution with guide troughs
  • Energy, data, air and liquids in ONE system
  • Often saves two or more other systems needed for transmitting data
  • 4m/s speed
  • Quiet operation: 63db(A) at 2m/s
  • 50% floor remains free, no guide trough needed
Why buy a complete set?
No need to spend a lot of time looking for a suitable energy chain series and the relevant accessories. We undertake the compilation of the complete energy chain set.  All important components are carefully selected and coordinated with each other.
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